Arkadi Petrosyan

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Arkadi Petrosyan-photo.jpg
Name in Armenian Արկադի Պետրոսյան
Birth date 1933
Education High Art and Theatre Academy of Yerevan, Armenia
Profession Professional Artist

Arkadi Petrosyan is born on 23 November, 1933, in Brnakot Village of Sisian Region, Republic of Armenia. Attended the graduate school after Shota Roustaveli, Yerevan. Entered the post-graduate Art School after P. Terlemezyan in 1950. 1959 - Participated in the Graphic Arts Exhibition with the "Sheep" series. Entered the High Art and Theater Academy in 1960. He's the First Prize winner of the Republican Competition devoted to the 250th Anniversary of the great troubadour Sayat Nova.

Since 1970 he's a member of the Artists' Union of Armenia.

Since 1970 - Professor at the Academy of High Art and Theatre in Yerevan, Armenia.

Since 1980- 1984 - Vice-President of the Artists Union of Armenia.

He took part in numerous local and international exhibitions and Art-Expos.

Arkadi Petrosyan's paintings are kept in the Art Fund of Moscow, as well as the National Gallery of Armenia, the Art Fund of Armenia and the Modern Art Museum of Armenia.