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Ardemis D. Karanian

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Ardemis_D._Karanian&chld=H_100&junk=junk.png Ardemis D. Karanian Venus symbol.svg
Birth date 12 August 1904
Death date 2000/12/27
Death year 2000

Karanian, Ardemis D. December 31, 2000

KARANIAN, Ardemis D. Ardemis D. Karanian, 96, of New Britain, died unexpectedly on Wednesday, (December 27, 2000) at New Britain General Hospital. She was born in Armenia on Aug. 12, 1904 and was a survivor of the Armenian Genocide. She lost all the male members of her family and was fortunate enough to come to America in 1919 with her grandmother, aunt, and 11 year old cousin. She married John H. Karanian in 1921 and was predeceased by her beloved husband, grandmother, and her sister, Sister Valentine.

Facts about Ardemis D. KaranianRDF feed
Birth date12 August 1904 +
Birth day12 +
Birth monthAugust +
Birth year1,904 +
Death date27 December 2000 +
Death year2,000 +
Person nameArdemis D. Karanian +
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