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[[Image:Araz_artinian-IMG_2345.JPG|thumb|200px|Araz Artinian]]
'''Araz Artinian''' is an [[Armenia|Armenian]]-[[Canada|Canadian]] filmmaker and documentarian.
'''Araz Artinian''' is an [[Armenia|Armenian]]-[[Canada|Canadian]] filmmaker and documentarian.

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Araz Artinian is an Armenian-Canadian filmmaker and documentarian.

Artinian was born in Montreal, Quebec, but her parents and paternal grandparents were from Egypt.


Visit to Sydney

Armenian National Committee of Australia Inc.
The Peak Public Affairs Committee of the Armenian-Australian Community



Araz Artinian is an Armenian/Canadian born filmmaker whose production history consists of a series of documentaries on survivors of the Armenian Genocide and survivors of the 1988 earthquake. Most recently, she collaborated with famous filmmaker Atom Egoyan as the Head Researcher for his film ARARAT. Araz's latest film, "The Genocide in Me", received interest from all over the world and has so far been seen in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Araz Artinian visited Australia by the invitation of the Armenian National Committee of Australia from the 24th November until the 6th December 2005. On Sunday the 27th of November, we welcomed community members to the premier screening of her film "The Genocide In Me". Over 250 guests filled the AFTRS hall and once the film finished and discussion time began, it was evident that the documentary generated a genuine interest amongst the people. The documentary raised topics that were relevant to the Sydney Armenian community today and it allowed the audience to openly converse about issues that have affected them.

Throughout her visit, she met with Hamazkaine Arshak and Sophie Galstaun students, SBS Armenian Radio and Sardarabad Radio to discuss her film. Wherever she went, she received great response and immense appreciation for her documentary "The Genocide In Me". On the 30th of November, Araz was the special guest at the anniversary cocktail for the ANCA in NSW Parliament House. There she showed edited highlights of interviews she had conducted with survivors of the Armenian Genocide. After her Melbourne screening on the 4th of December, Araz returned home where she will continue to produce projects relating to issues of the Armenian Genocide.

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