Aram Manougian

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ARAM MANOUGIAN Born in Zeyva village of Ghapan IN 1879-1919. Graduates from Akoulyatz school of Shooshi, and than the school of Yerevan. In his young age he joins the Dashnaktsutiun party. Instrumental with the laborers of Baku and than Kantsag and Gars. Travels to Van via Iran as a revolutionary organizer. Gets imprisoned because of Tavo's betrayal, he is set free during Osmanian constitution. Travels through Garin to Ordu as a teacher and activist organizer.

In 1915 he manages the heroic fight of Van, and is appointed the governor of Vasbouragan. After the immigration of the Armenians of Van, Aram settles in Tbilisi, and occupies himself with the works of the party bureau, the national committee and issues of the refugees.

The National Committee sends him to the Yerevan area as fully authorized representative. Destiny and fate give him the historical role of being the founder of the Independent Armenia and its First Interior Minister.

Dies at the age of 40 from Bacterial Dif sickness.