Ara Sarafian

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A historian specializing in the late Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey. He was a founding director of the Gomidas Institute, and has edited and written critical introductions to several of the institute’s publications. Now director of the Taderon Press, he is developing the Sterndale Classics imprint.

Sarafian’s wide network of European and Middle Eastern contacts helps Armenian Forum bridge the gap between Armenian scholars on both sides of the Atlantic as well as the Middle East.

Letter to the Editor

   The Times Higher Education Supplement May 25 2001
   Letter & Opinion Page 15
   Turkey's ambassador in London (Letters, THES, May 11) is perhaps
   unaware of my report ( wherein I narrate the
   systematic manner in which Turkish archival authorities impeded my
   work. Incidentally, those records made available to me corroborate
   western accounts of the Armenian genocide.    Ara Sarafian
   Gomidas Institute, Princeton, US