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Being many times called "the PR-man #1" in Armenia Ara Saghatelyan has more than 20 years օf work experience in the spheres of public relations, mass media and education system.
Ara started his professional activities in the sphere of journalism at a young age. He has cooperatied with many Russian language newspapers and journals, such as "Komsomolets", «Building newspaper», «Armenian Stock Exchange Bulletin », was the chief of the Information Department at the newspaper published by the international consortium «Business World».
In 1997-99 he worked at the Yerevan branch of Moscow Modern Humanitarian University, combining the positions of the vice-rector and the lector of a special course on "Conflictology". Ara is the author of 7 scientific articles on Distant Education. Since 2003 he teaches Pedagogy at the department of Russian Language and Literature at Yerevan State University.
In 1993 Ara started his career activities in the sphere of public relations, becoming the deputy director and the expert on public relations at «Service 02», JSC. Ara worked at "Solaris" Association as a consultant on PR issues. For about 18 months he worked as deputy Director General of «Armenian Airlines ».
Since 2001 unitl July 2006 Ara has been the Press Secretary of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia.
Since 2003 Ara  Saghatelyan serves the President of the Armenian Public Relations Association.He  is a  founder and Chief of Editorial Board for  www.Panorama.am Armenian News portal and "Im Iravunk" Newspaper.

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