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Apricot Jams is a content creation studio that creates artwork, videos, music and an audio podcast. All content is intended as a source of inspiration for content creators and is produced, curated, and promoted by Armenian American artist Zareh Ter-Stepanian.[1]

Apricot Jams Podcast

All non-interview episodes are a random assortment of observational comedy bits, accompanied by a new collection of intrumental-focused featured music. All musicians are fairly credited for their songs and given free promotion through this platform.

The podcast began as a spoken word and slowly evolved into what it is today, as Zareh began adding music and experimenting with cuts, transitions and conversational vocal harmony with the background music.

Apricot Jams Artwork

What began as casually posting old drawings on Instagram, has now evolved into a detailed documentation of Zareh's hyper-realistic drawing process.


The name "Apricot Jams" was original created in 2010 as the name of Zareh's imaginary recording studio.When he started his Twitch channel in 2017 named "Apricot Zed", he soon changed it to "Apricot Jams", deciding that all of his projects should live under the same umbrella. In July of 2018, he launched his podcast and instagram at the same time and has since seen steady growth in both channels.


Both the podcast and art gallery have received positive reviews, with most listeners and viewers saying that they like "the honesty in his work." Starting on Apple Podcasts, the podcast has since been picked up by Spotify, PocketCasts, Stitcher, RadioPublic and most major podcasting platforms or "Podcatchers". Zareh's artwork has also been selected to be featured in a national art circuit in the UK in fall of 2019, as well as the RAW Artists show ARISE throughout North America.


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