Anton Kochinyan

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Name in Armenian Անտոն Երվանդի Քոչինյան
Birthplace Vahagni
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Birth date 25 November 1913
Lived in Vahagni, Yerevan
Resides in Yerevan
Death place Yerevan
Death date 1990/12/01
Death year 1990
Profession Politician
Languages Armenian, Russian
Ethnicities Armenian
Dialects Eastern Armenian

Anton Yervandovich Kochinyan (Armenian: Անտոն Երվանդի Քոչինյան; 25 October 1913 – 1 December 1990, Yerevan) was a Soviet Armenian politician.


He was Chairman of the Council of Ministers from 1952 to 1966, and the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Armenia from 1966 until his retirement in 1974. He pleaded unsuccessfully with central government in Moscow for the unification of Karabakh with Armenia. He was succeeded by Karen Demirchyan in 1974.



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