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Source: [[Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook]]
Source: [[Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook]]
[[Category:Armenian Towns and villages]]
[[Category:Armenian Towns and Villages]]

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Angeghakot (Arm: Անգեղակոթ), Syunik Marz

Angeghakot (1739 p) has Neolithic dolmens and Bronze Age/Iron Age tumuli. Three medieval churches: S. Astvatsatsin, S. Stepanos, S. Hazaraprkich ("Savior of Thousands"), unusual 17th c. khachkar, and sparse remains of an early Christian church. There is a S. Vardan church of 1298, still a pilgrimage site, one km from the village, where, according to tradition, the defeated Armenian army stopped to rest after the battle of Avarayr in AD 451.. In 1699 Israel Ori convoked a meeting of eleven Armenian meliks to draft a petition to Czar Peter the Great, the Pope, and other potentates asking their intervention against Armenia's Persian overlords.

Source: Rediscovering Armenia Guidebook