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[[Image:General-andranik-DCP_6974.JPG|thumb|300px|right|General Andranik Statue in [[Tavush Marz]].]]
[[Image:General-andranik-DCP_6974.JPG|thumb|300px|center|General Andranik Statue in [[Tavush Marz]].]]
alternate transliteration: General Antranig
alternate transliteration: General Antranig
[[Category:Armenian Individuals|Ozanian,Andranig]]
[[Category:Armenian Individuals|Ozanian,Andranig]]

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General Andranik statue in Yerevan.
  • Fought against the Ottoman Turks in Western Armenia
  • Fought against the Ottoman Turks in Bulgaria
  • Battle in Van in 1915
  • Battle to stop Turks invasion in Eastern Armenia in 1918-19
  • In 1919 Andranik disbanded his army and left Armenia with a group of loyal solders rather than be involved in political infighting
  • In 1922 he settled in Fresno (USA)
  • Died in Fresno in 1927
  • Some months later his remnants were conveyed to Per-Lashez cemetery in Paris
  • Remains moved to Yerablur cemetery in Yerevan in 2000


The French town of Meudon in the south-west of Paris has a square named in honor of Armenian national hero Andranik Ozanian, known simply as General Andranik. Among the people witnessing the historical event were the Armenian ambassador to France Edward Nalbandian, French generals Ferlius and Berrange.

Mayor of Meudon, Hervé Marseille, conducted the dedication ceremony, talking about the life of Andranik.

General Andranik Statue in Tavush Marz.

alternate transliteration: General Antranig