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The third largest Armenian communities in the world (the communities in Armenia and Russia are larger), Armenian American number over 1,000,000 and have formed their own unique network of cultural institutions and neighborhoods that are part of the fabric of American culture.

Since the arrival of "Martin the Armenian" to the Jamestown Colony around 1618, Armenians have dispersed all throughout the United States. Watertown, Massachusetts, Fresno, California, Detroit, Michigan, New York, New York, and Glendale, California are five centers of Armenian population in the United States. (For information about another early Armenian Americans, see "Tracking Armenians in New York" in New York City.)

Glendale, California, in particular, is famous for its high concentration of Armenians; there are approximately 78,000 Armenians, according to the 2000 U.S. census. Armenian residents of the city are active members in the municipal government and chamber of commerce.

In Hollywood, California, a small portion is known as "Little Armenia" - it covers Wilton Place to Vermont Avenue from the east to west, and Hollywood Blvd. down to Melrose avenue from north to south.

Notable Armenian Americans

  • Steve Bedrosian, Professional Baseball Player
  • Alex Manoogian, industrialist/philanthropist
  • Richard Manoogian, industrialist
  • Louise Manoogian Simone, philanthropist
  • Dikran Kelekian, art dealer/collector/philanthropist
  • Larry Gagosian, art dealer
  • Hagop Kevorkian, art dealer/collector/philanthropist
  • Raoul Hague, sculptor
  • Reuben Nakian, sculptor
  • William Saroyan, writer/playright
  • Rouben Mamoulian, film/Broadway director
  • Arshile Gorky, painter
  • John Altoon, painter
  • Sam Tchakmakian, painter
  • Peter Sourian, writer/academic
  • David Kherdian, writer
  • Flora Zabelle, actress
  • Richard Sarafian, actors/director
  • Richard Deukmedjian, politician, California governor
  • George Stamboulian, writer/academic
  • Eric Bogosian, writer/actor
  • Chris Bohjalian, writer
  • Laura Kalpakian, writer
  • Andrea Martin, actress
  • Cher, pop star
  • Serj Tankian, member of System of a Down heavy metal rock group
  • Shavo Odadjian, member of System of a Down heavy metal rock group
  • John Dolmayan, member of System of a Down heavy metal rock group
  • Daron Malakian, member of System of a Down heavy metal rock group
  • Alan Hovhannes, composer

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