Alexander Arzumanian

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“Carefully watching the process of the criminal case against Alexander Arzumanyan we once again came to the assurance that the Armenian law enforcement bodies continue to act in the field of illegality as they did in the past,” Helsinki Association made this statement today. The statement says: “Keeping to the logic pursued for years in their style of work the Armenian law enforcement bodies first found the “guilty” and then made up the “guilt.” The statement also says the aim is to keep ex-foreign minister and the initiator of Civil Disobedience Movement Alexander Arzumanyan away “as long as possible” in order to avoid problems before the presidential elections.

Helsinki Association demands to “swiftly set ex-foreign minister Alexander Arzumanyan free” and to charge “criminal officials of the National Security Service” for making groundless accusations against Arzumanyan. The authors of the statement also demand civil investigation in the National Security Service and the Prosecutor’s Office of Armenia saying the latter was not “consistent in preventing the illegalities taking place within the case.”

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