Alex Kalognomos

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Alex Kalognomos (left) with pioneering documentary filmmaker J. Michael Hagopian (center) and California State Assemblyman Paul Krekorian (right) at the 2008 Arpa International Film Festival

Alex Kalognomos is a Los Angeles based actor with Armenian ancestry. Director of Arpa International Film Festival and producer of Los Angeles Greek Film Festival. He began studying acting while attending UCLA. Further training under such teachers as Carole D'Andrea and Larry Moss followed. Roles in film and TV include ER and MGM/UA's Deuces Wild. Regional theater credits include productions of William Saroyan's Hello Out There, Ping-Pong Players, and My Heart is in the Highlands. He appeared in the award-winning film adaptation of Paulo Coelho's The Witch of Portobello (2009 Rome International Film Festival); and co-produced and co-starred in Spaceman on Earth (2009 Cannes Film Festival).


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