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*[[Armenian Genocide]]
*[[Armenian Genocide]]
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Aleppo (Halab, حلب in Arabic, Haleb in Armenian) a city today in northwestern Syria, was a major site on the deportation map. It was not only a killing station but a transfer point, where those who had survived deportation from points north could find refuge if they were lucky. The reports from Jesse Jackson in Aleppo in 1915-16, like Leslie Davis's, comprised a primary source of evidence for Ambassador Morgenthau, and eventually for the State Department and the press back home. Being in Aleppo, Jackson afforded a unique overview of the extermination plan, because week in and week out, he saw the remnants of the endless string of deportation marches that had originated all over the empire.[1]

Christians belonging to a dozen different congregations (with prevalence of the Armenian and Orthodox denominations) represent between 15% and 20% of Aleppos population.


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