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Alan Whitehorn

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Photo credit: Lusine Nerkararyan 2009
Profession Professor, Author, Political Scientist, Poet
Languages English
Ethnicities Canadian

Alan Whitehorn is an emeritus professor at the Royal Military College of Canada. He received his BA (York) in Political Science & History and his MA and PhD (Carleton) in political science. In the mid-seventies, he served as the research director on the David Lewis memoirs. From 1978 to 2011 he was a professor of political science at RMC. In the mid-1990s, he was the first holder of the JS Woodsworth Chair in Humanities at Simon Fraser University. He was also a cross-appointed professor at Queen's University. As an academic, he writes on the topics of genocide, human rights, political parties and elections. As a poet, he explores the issue of genocide and its impact on Armenian-Canadian identity.



  • gold medal, Ministry of Culture, Armenia, 2011
  • gold medal, Writers' Union of Armenia,, 2015
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