Agop Jack Hacikyan

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Birthplace Istanbul
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Birth date 25 November 1931
Lived in Istanbul, Montreal, Quebec
Death date 2015/07/03
Death year 2015

Agop Jack Hacikyan (25 November 1931 – 3 July 2015)[1] was a Canadian university Emeritus Professor of Literary Studies, historian, academic and writer.[2][3] He was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1931.[4] He is the author of over 30 books on literature and linguistics, and eight novels, including A Summer Without Dawn, an international bestseller. He is known as the co-author of one of the most comprehensive anthologies of Armenian literature, The Heritage of Armenian Literature: From the Eighteenth Century to Modern Times (Wayne State University Press, 2005).[5]

Hacikyan was born in Istanbul to Armenian parents. After completing the first year of his engineering degree, Hacikyan left Turkey to study literature. He received his PhD in Montreal[6] and has lived in Quebec since 1957.[7]


  • The Young Man in the Grey Suit (2013)
  • My Ethnic Quest (2012)
  • The Lamppost Diary (2009)
  • Les rives du destin (2005)
  • A Summer Without Dawn (2000)
  • Un été sans aube (1991)
  • The Battle of the Prophets (1981)
  • Tomas (1970)


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