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Addis Ababa

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Capital of Ethiopia, and once the main center of the Armenian community in that country, which numbered in the thousands.

Yarmenoch Sefer

"Yarmenoch Sefer" or Armenian Quarter was well known district by many residents of Addis Ababa. It was very well-defined area which starts from the furniture store of Mosvold on HIM Haile Sellassie Ave going all the way to Ras Makonnen Bridge, to Karaseferian, ending at the Armenian Church (Arba Dereja).

Armenians from Addis Ababa

These are Armenians who were born or who have lived in Addis Ababa:

Adriene Bilemdjian, Alexander Boghossian, Bedros Aslanian, Bedros Kojian, Bedros Sevadjian, Hermine Sakadjian, John Scourtis, Mihran Avedissian, Shiraz Atamian, Sylva Scourtis, Vartkes Tchakerian