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====Habitat in Armenia====
====Habitat in Armenia====
Met only in the floristic regions of [[Ijevan Town|Ijevan]].  
Met only in the floristic region of [[Ijevan Town|Ijevan]].  
====Habitat and ecology====
====Habitat and ecology====

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< On the list of Rare and Endangered Plants of Armenia

Plant in Armenia

Թխկի դուրեկան (“Tkhki durekan”)


File:Acer laetum.JPG Very rare and disappearing species. Cut by the population because of the valuable wood.

Habitat in Armenia

Met only in the floristic region of Ijevan.

Habitat and ecology

Grows mainly in humid forests.

Biology and potential value

Decorative leaves are very valuable.

Measures of protection

Control over the species should be taken to find more populations.

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