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Daily news and anti-corruption report

Oct/9/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Karabakh (Artsakh) \\ more Azeri-Syrian jihadists come forward; contract details revealed \\ temporary ceasefire negotiations \\ military footage \\ Aliyev makes unsubstantiated claims \\ Azeri-Talysh journalist; barrier troops \\ international response \\ army briefing
by ar_david_hh

Previous days: October 8 , October 7, October 6, October 5, October 4, October 3, October 2, October 1, September 30, September 29, September 28, September 27

Syrian militant recruited by Azerbaijan complains about low salaries / Details exposed

Russian outlet "Reporter TopCor": On October 8th the head of the CSTO military bloc has confirmed the presence of Syrian militants in Karabakh. "It's difficult for me to judge the scale of the militant presence. Of course, their presence doesn't benefit the normalization of the relations and presents a challenge for CSTO."


The Hong-Kong based Asian Times outlet has learned that Turkey began recruiting militants on September 6th, three weeks before the war.

Khaled (20) from Homs, Syria was hired by the Malik Shah organization two weeks before the war. On September 14th, a bus with 25 militants moved to Kilis, Turkey where they underwent a medical examination. From there, they were split into two groups.

The first group used cars to travel to Gaziantep, Turkey, while the second flew from Istanbul to Baku.

"I wanted to be deployed in Libya but the commander told me recruitment for Libya has stopped and I had to go to Azerbaijan. They promised $1,500/mo, which is $500 less than in Libya. The commander said they're paying less in Azerbaijan because Qatar does not need [Karabakh] war," said Khaled.

They promised Khaled that his family would receive $7,000 if he's wounded, or $100,000 if he dies.



at least 1,500 - 2,000 jihadists confirmed

The Syrian Human Rights Organization (SOHR) has counted 107 dead jihadists in Azerbaijan so far, 26 of whom were killed in the past 2 days.

400 more militants will be deployed in the coming days. So far the participation of 1450 has been confirmed by SOHR.

Iranian Mashregh News reports the presence of 2,000 militants along various Karabakh fronts.

https://zen.yandex.ru/media/infoteka24/26-siriiskih-naemnikov-byli-ubity-v-azerbaidjane-za-poslednie-48-chasov-5f80785c109c65627e38ac05 , https://t.me/infoteka24/8473


the jihadists in southern Azerbaijan

We already knew about this particular group, but here is more confirmation. "Turkish-backed mercenaries from Syria are geolocated at the Azerbaijani Horadiz military base."


Talysh-Azeri journalist writes about Aliyev's treatment of ethnic minorities on battlefields

If you missed the context of what the problem is between the government of Azerbaijan and the ethnic minorities, visit the links to previous threads above. Tldr: the Azeri govt is using minorities as cannon fodder, besides oppressing them for decades.

Talysh-Azeri journalist Likij writes: it's been 1.5 weeks since the war began. Karabakh is still resisting the Azeri-Turkish aggression, all while the ethnic Talysh, who don't want to fight for Baku's dictator, die on the battlefield.

Azeris throw the already-oppressed Talysh in front of them, forcing them to die in thousands.

In response, some Talysh have organized protests, rejected the army draft, and crossed into the Armenian side, about which I wrote earlier. However, Azeris use measures unprecedented in cruelty.

They deployed barrier troops (anti-retreat units) whose purpose is to prevent Talysh from doing anything other than attack and move forward. Those who retreat, get shot by their Azeri "comrades".

The situation in front is such that many in the army have to retreat. Azeris retreat, too, but the difference is that Talysh get shot when they do. The death toll is much higher among Talysh.

This monstrous measure is applied to representatives of our people in violation of all possible human rights, international laws, and conventions. And if the anti-retreat units were somewhat justified during WW2 because Soviet troops were fighting for their land and life, then their Aliyev analogue is nothing more than banditry on the state level. Azerbaijan is waging a war of conquest that is shamed and condemned by the whole world.

But execution on the battlefield isn't the only thing that threatens the Talysh who do not want to stain themselves with a war against the Armenians. In case of raising any complaints, the Baku regime threatens our families and deprives them of livelihood, makes arrests, and threats.

Not a single adequate Talysh has a reason to fight for this state, which is their prison. And we have something to say to Aliyev. Know, Aliyev, that firstly, our fatherland is Talyshistan and not Azerbaijan.

Secondly, we are not defending ourselves but attacking Armenians who have done nothing bad to us.

And thirdly, let's be honest - we need to unite against the criminal regime of Aliyev instead of the Armenians. We need to fight against the international terrorism that Baku has brought and is being indulged in.

We do not want to be cannon fodder and a lethal target. We want freedom and independence.

Талышей на фронте расстреливают азербайджанские заградотряды: https://www.talyshistantimes.com/content/talysh+shoot+dead

October 9th arrives / Battles and the international response

22:04 after Shuchi church was bombed: Russian ANNA news in Shushi, Artsakh firmly believes Azerbaijan intentionally targeted journalists to kill them. Everyone rushed to film the church after the first strike. The drones circled in the air, then the second strike happened, which critically injured a Russian journalist and several others.


22:10: the latest installment of Azeri state-sponsored fake news. An alleged Smerch missile fired by allegedly Armenians that entered a building… without damaging the roof???

Photo: https://twitter.com/Kornelij/status/1314224784960520192?s=20

23:36 Vladimir Putin called for a ceasefire on humanitarian grounds, to collect the bodies. The MFAs of Armenia and Azerbaijan are invited to Moscow. Russia has also urged both sides to refrain from divisive rhetoric.

https://ria.ru/20201008/putin-1578936544.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030939.html , https://news.am/arm/news/606928.html

00:02: an Azeri ЗРК С-300 ПМУ-2 missile fell in southern Russia, 5km away from a village in the Dagestan region, creating a crater with a 15m diameter and 2m deep. Armenia does not possess this model; Azerbaijan has two units.

https://t.me/infoteka24/8402 , https://kavcomment.ru/proisshestviya/v-agulskij-rajon-priletela-raketa/ , https://twitter.com/CITeam_ru/status/1314299888088346624?s=20 , https://twitter.com/ain92ru/status/1314296230462320645?s=20 , https://t.me/reartsakh/4584

00:27 Pashinyan to French Tv5Monde: I'd like to thanks the French president for the stance based on truthfulness. My expectation is that France will recognize the independence of Nagorno Karabakh because the concerns raised by Emanuel Macron can only be addressed through a recognition. That's the only way to avoid a humanitarian crisis.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030938.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030936.html

00:53 army spokesman: The blows of the Armenian army are devastating. #WeWillWin


1:15: Facebook has removed thousands of fake Instagram/Facebook accounts and pages controlled by Azerbaijani troll farm meant to attack the opposition and promote the regime's propaganda.



1:37 Armenian-American celebrity Dan Bilzerian: "To all the Armenian boys out there fighting to not be eradicated, stay strong, your nation is behind you, I’m behind you. I’m proud of you guys, keep fighting the good fight. & remember no matter how bad things get at least you aren’t Azerbaijani & you don’t [redacted by OP, something about farm life]."


1:53: France24 outlet says the press is severely limited in Azerbaijan, they are assigned a special minder to accompany them around, they aren't allowed to move around to cover events freely, they can only visit specific places and record "bombings" shown by the Azeri authorities. "We try to question if the version of events we are presented is legitimate."


2:06: Armenians gathered in Washington, D.C. to protest Aliyev and Erdogan's aggression.


3:20: a Swiss MP has called for boycotting gas stations belonging to Azeri SOCAR, and the Swiss companies that do business with SOCAR (e.g. Migros), after SOCAR shared social media posts in support of the war.


8:02: Someone, allegedly Azeris, had earlier created a fake himnadram.org donation site to steal funds. The report says that the Greek Anonymous hackers took it down.


9:32 army: no significant events on the battlefield last night. It was stable-tense. Azeris bombed civilian settlements.


10:36: The city Council of Alfortville (France) voted for the recognition of the Artsakh Republic. They'll also provide financial aid to the Artsakh population.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030950.html , https://t.me/reartsakheng/283

11:45: Armenians rallied in Stockholm, Sweden in support of Armenia. "Glory to Armenian soldier."


12:00: Azeri-Russian propagandist Saadat Kadirova is in hot water in Russia and elsewhere for justifying the bombing of Shushi church yesterday, during a live debate on a Russian TV. Her fellow TV-show guests asked the TV host to cut the tape to omit her speech before learning that the show was being aired Live.

She works at the TASS news agency.

Update: TASS has fired her.

https://t.me/sashakots/17280 , https://t.me/sashakots/17285 , https://t.me/reartsakh/4619 , https://t.me/infoteka24/8445

12:00: the president of Germany's Evangelical church Council Bishop Heinrich Benford-Strohm sent a letter to Armenian church leader Garegin B. expressing sorrow for the attack on the Shushi church.


17:54: German MP Albert Weiler has condemned Azerbaijan's bombing of the church in Shushi. He contacted the German government and fellow MPs about Azerbaijan's indiscriminate attack on civilian settlements. "The destruction of the houses of God is barbarism and a war crime," said the MP.


21:12: the Education Ministry has sent a letter to UNESCO informing about Azerbaijan's deliberate bombardment (twice) of the church in Shushi.


12:08 army: Azeris have so far lost 4369 soldiers, 4 Smerch, 508 tanks and armored vehicles, 17 aircraft, 16 helicopters, 162 drones.

(A non-official source claims that the known Azeri equipment losses alone amount to $1.3b. The losses could be higher depending on the type/model of equipment. For example, the 4 SMERCHes that were destroyed could cost $100m if they were the newer models.)

https://youtu.be/7awKO3_CRI4 , https://t.me/infocomm/22687 , https://t.me/infocomm/22701 ,

12:18 army: our units continue to destroy the enemy maneuvers.


12:19: Armenian non-official sources have so far been able to identify the names of 447 dead Azeri soldiers by observing social media.



12:31: army published 26 new names of Armenian soldiers who died during battles, bringing the total verified to 376.


12:33: Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan (not the basketballer) shared an Instagram post with his 14 million followers, in support of Armenia. "Sending love to my Armenian friends."


  • 12:34: soldiers sent a video from the front line


13:08: Parliament voted 85-x to approve a QP bill to give the army volunteers the same employment protections as the mandatory constricts and reservists have while serving in the army.


13:25: EAUE trade bloc representatives are in Yerevan to discuss business. Pashinyan opened the session with a speech informing about Azerbaijan's bombing of civilian targets in Artsakh, and Azerbaijan's recruitment of Syrian terrorists.

https://t.me/reartsakh/4604 , https://t.me/reartsakheng/291

13:28 president Sarkissian to Fox News: Turkey is taking advantage of the world being busy with COVID and economy. They want to establish control of energy resources in the region, including what enters Europe, which would let them cut it off any time they want to pressure the EU over something.


13:43: the All-Armenia fund, besides the $83m donations that it has so far collected, is also sending medical aid to Armenia. A flight was scheduled from Los Angeles to Yerevan.


13:50 Artsakh govt: battles continue in all areas. After sustaining large human losses, the Azeris try to replenish the force by involving the 90s veterans who had lost the war.


14:29: Armenians and allies gathered in front of the White House to demand the official recognition of the Artsakh Republic, Turkey's expulsion from NATO, and ending military aid to Azerbaijan and Turkey.


13:51 army: Azeris continue to sustain heavy losses in the same southern area.


14:39 Armenian MoD: the Azeri claims that we bombed Mingechaur and Aghjabad are false. Do not fabricate a ground for an attack on our civilian infrastructure; we will respond disproportionately harsh.


16:06: Putin and the Russian Security Council are discussing the situation in South Caucasus, "regarding the events happening near Russia's southern border."


16:13: president Sarkissian gave an interview to Financial Times, explaining Turkey's plan to create "another Syria" in the Caucasus, and the need to counter their actions. "When the battles end, will the terrorists leave the region, or will they pose threat to Central Asia, Russia, and Iran?"

https://t.me/infocomm/22721 , https://t.me/infocomm/22722

    • 16:23: video showing the damage done to the civilian infrastructure in capital Stepanakert.



https://armeniafund.org (tax-deductible in the U.S.)

17:00: footage showing the destruction of vehicles part of an Azeri column.




17:10: the Armenian community met Pope Francis in the Vatican, during which the Armenian anthem was performed. "I pray for you," said Francis.

Video: https://t.me/infoteka24/8455

17:11: Azeri president Aliyev and his aide Hikmet Hajiyev are contradicting each other. On October 7th, Hikmet claimed there were no Turkish F-16 jets in Azerbaijan. Then the New York Times published evidence. Now Aliyev admits there are some in Azerbaijan "but they don't fly."

https://t.me/reartsakheng/311, Rus https://t.me/reartsakh/4621 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1031013.html

17:25 Artsakh official without details: not many Azeri soldiers are left to retreat after our precise artillery strike.


17:29: Azerbaijan resumed bombing capital Stepanakert after 3 hours of silence.

Photos of damage: https://t.me/infoteka24/8459


17:38: capital Stepanakert was shelled again.


17:38 - 21:12: the MFAs of AM and AZ are currently discussing a temporary ceasefire with Putin.

https://t.me/infocomm/22726 , https://t.me/reartsakheng/330

17:31 WarGonzo reporter: Aliyev has just announced capturing of southern city Hadrut, but we just left there and it's under Armenian control.


17:44 Artsakh govt: Aliyev's latest nonsense that they captured southern Hadrut is as close to reality as their terrorized soldiers are from Hadrut. They're dozens of kilometers away.


17:54 army spokesman: I'm in Hadrut right now and for some reason, I'm only able to speak with Armenians.

Video from Hadrut: https://youtu.be/NGXIRmSYEgs


18:18: Pashinyan told La Republica outlet that this is a war against terror and Armenia is the frontier in the fight for civilization and countering Turkish expansionism.

"The best way to end the conflict is if the international community recognizes the independence of Artsakh Republic. Not much will change de-facto if Armenia becomes the first country to officially recognize it."

https://t.me/infocomm/22732 , https://t.me/infocomm/22736

18:45: Ibrahim is the Oscar-winning Azeri reporter who created the infamous staged video showing Azeri soldiers allegedly meeting an Armenian civilian woman who tells them "welcome home". Քաջ Նազար Ibrahim became an internet sensation overnight, with Armenians making satire videos in response.

It turns out Ibrahim oglu is a former candidate for Parliament MP. His real name is Shamkhar Adegyozelov (Samxal Adigozelov. Sizin sesiniz menim mesuliyyetimdir!).


, https://factor.am/293502.html

19:08: president Sarkissian gave an interview to Bloomberg in which he called for NATO to restrain its member Turkey who is destabilizing the region.



19:13: WarGonzo uploaded a video from Hadrut-Fizuli area featuring army spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan. It turns out the latter used to live in Buryatia, Russia when he was a kid.

The two uploaded a video 8km south of Hadrut where the Hadrut-Fizuli crossroad junction is. "No Azeris visible, let alone in Hadrut". The sound of artillery could be heard. "Artillery is a long-range weapon. The events are not happening nearby."


19:13: unofficial sources claim someone hacked the Azeri banking system which caused a panic among customers.


19:22: Lebanese-Armenians are organizing a large gathering in support of Artsakh

Video: https://www.facebook.com/ArmeniansinLebanon/videos/396214284876558/


19:29: army shared a documentary video from the fronts, featuring the soldiers. One of them explains how the battles ensured, how they receive info about the enemy attack, took their positions, then repelled the attacks.

They fought in the Qarvachar region (not far from Mrav mountain, or possibly in that area). The commander says initially they lost two positions but later retook it "and then some".



19:29: Dutch MP from the SP party has criticized Azerbaijan for "starting new aggression with the help of Turkey" and called for a ceasefire.


19:50: Armenians organized a demonstration in Lyon, France to demand the end of Azeri-Turkish aggression.


19:56: those who use international flight-tracking radars, which show all the cargo flights, claim that Belarus transported a batch of missiles for Polonez missile units to Azerbaijan. It's unofficial.


20:06 Daria Aslamova: this is the first conflict in which 8 journalists were wounded, including 2 serious, in the first 10 days.


20:06: the Russian delegation that arrived for the EAEU summit will transport with them the Russian journalist who was wounded yesterday during the Azeri attack on Shushi church.


21:01: Armenians in Milan organized a demonstration and donation campaign for Artsakh. www.himnadram.org


Swiss-Armenians organized a demonstration to support Artsakh



21:03 army spokesman's briefing: the battles had resumed early in the morning. The north was more active than in the past few days. The army dealt blows to the attacker and threw them back. The battles continue.


Given that the military leadership of a foreign state, even if it's an ally Turkey, has influence in its armed forces, at least several times during the war we have seen Aliyev declare things that do not correspond to reality. Yes, there is some concern that the system of strategic governance in Azerbaijan is broken.


The largest Azeri assault was in the first days when they used their entire potential, plus the Turkish air force, and jihadists, and that's when they managed to make some gains, but things aren't as intense right now because we broke their army's advancement and threw them back.

The successes allegedly filmed by Azeris in the south, which were not completely secured by them, are incomparably small compared to the goal of the Azeri army.

The Azeri media reports that they captured Jebrayil, Hadrut, and surrounding villages, is laughable. In that direction, somewhat north of Araks river, there were no active battles today.

In the south, Azeris used their most elite tank brigade of the 4th Army Corps, fully consisted of T-90 tanks. Such an elite army's goal is to capture several dozen kilometers in the first days and reach 40km within 5 days. They have failed to do so. They failed their mission.


Nakhijevan borders are calm.


The [9] Azeri drones we shut down over the Republic of Armenia's Vardenis region last night were of reconnaissance in nature, with some of them having dual capabilities.


Today I saw five female soldiers who're using our best anti-tank equipment. You could say that they wouldn't miss a fly crawling on the ground.

https://youtu.be/tu1_C54bDD8 , https://youtu.be/rfnGAsL4KeE , https://t.me/infocomm/22748 , https://t.me/infocomm/22750 , https://t.me/infocomm/22758


22:18: footage showing the aftermath of a northern battle that resulted in several Azeri soldiers being killed and leaving equipment behind.


22:34: Parliament of Cyprus has unanimously adopted a resolution condemning the Azeri aggression against Artsakh, Turkey's involvement of militants, the bombing of civilian settlements.


22:34: Armenians held a demonstration in Toronto, Canada.


22:39: Armenians in Javakh, Georgia have donated $270,000 to Artsakh.


a few headlines

The Nation article: "The citizens of Nagorno-Karabakh never voted to be the subjects of Ilham Aliyev’s despotic rule, nor his persecution. They were never part of an independent Azerbaijan. They are just fighting for their freedom, for the right to celebrate the everyday."



  • The Hill article: Kim Kardashian uses star power to pressure US on Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict


The Summit of Minds

500 international guests will arrive in Dilijan, Armenia tomorrow to participate in the annual Summit of Minds, which is held in Yerevan again.

Politicians, civil society members, company representatives, scientists, and others will discuss various topics such as artificial intelligence and geopolitics.


COVID stats

+3,312 tested. +614 infected. +6 deaths. +216 healed. 8,246 active. 319,791 tested.


grandmaster Karen Grigoryan

... is the champion of the international chess competition Marques de Pombal 2020 held in Portugal.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030978.html bestselling books

These are the top-3 books, written by Armenian authors, read by the Yerevan residents in September:

3) Don't give me peonies [a type of flower], by Gohar Navasardyan.

2) Balzac "A dog's tale", by Levon Hovhannesyan (Leon Ness).

1) Addiction, by Syune Sevada.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030799.html a letter from a soldier to his mother



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