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Daily news and anti-corruption report

Oct/5/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Karabakh (Artsakh) \\ insider exposes the jihadist base in Syria used by Azerbaijan and Turkey \\ ninth day of battles \\ retreat and ambush \\ Azeri top general's arrest \\ diplomacy \\ donations continue to arrive \\ foreign response \\ pressure mounts on aggressors
by ar_david_hh

Previous reports: October 4th , October 3rd, October 2nd, October 1st, September 30th, September 29th, September 28th, September 27th

exposed: the Syrian base where Azerbaijan's Syrian jihadists trained for the Karabakh war

As part of a recent campaign to fight terrorism, the Syrian govt has promised $300 to anyone who shares the locations of the Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham terrorist cell near Idlib, Syria.

A Syrian govt source has informed the Russian outlet Russkaya Vesna that one of their sources has exposed the hub where mercenaries and jihadists are being trained for various purposes, including for Karabakh. "This has been verified by an alternative source," said the Syrian govt source.

The training camp is 2.5km north-west of Idlib, while the armory is 4km away.

Photo: https://rusvesna.su/news/1601827892


Syrian jihadist's relative comes forward

Fox News: "Syrian rebels reportedly sent to fight in Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict"

One Syrian fighter, who requested anonymity given his proximity to Turkey, told Fox News on Friday that four men from his hometown of Rastan were slain on the Karabakh battlefield this week.

One was a relative, Kinan Ferzat, a 35-year-old major in the Turkey-backed Free Syria Army (FSA) unit known as the Syrian National Army.

Kinan had two options [for money], either go to Idlib and join the terrorist organizations or go to Afrin and join the Turkish National Army. He chose the latter and joined the Sultan Murad group, which operates under the Turkish Army.

The Syrian relative also showed photos about the identities of three other men – in their 20's and 30's, supposedly belonging to the FSA group and hailing from city Rastan – alleged to have died in Karabakh this week.



Ria Novosti report of Syria mercenaries

Our Syrian source has informed us about the death of 93 Syrian mercenaries in Karabakh. 53 bodies were returned to Syria yesterday, bringing total to 93.

Different sources report deployment of several hundred mercenaries.



accidentally revealed

"A major pro-Erdogan news outlet posted then deleted an article that celebrated the transfer of Syrian jihadists to Azerbaijan."


a few more things from yesterday

The video shows the bombardment of the capital Stepanakert by Azerbaijan, with civilians being the sole target.



18 Armenian civilians have been killed, and 60 wounded, by Azerbaijan's indiscriminate bombardment of civilian settlements. "This shows that Azerbaijan's intention is the ethnic cleansing and terror of the Armenian population," said the Human Rights Ombudsman.



More photos showing the damage done to the city:


Video showing how Russian reporters run for cover during the bombardment of the civilian city of Stepanakert:


Military analysis about the events so far: https://youtu.be/Itv0Ht7ILuU

An Armenian soldier uploaded the video of planting the Armenian flag, presumably over a hill near northern Mataghis. "We had 3 deaths while capturing these 3 outposts; far lower than Azeris."


Army:: an Azeri attack was destroyed in the south and they left the body of their Colonel in the battlefield.


"Assyrian, Greek, and Yezidi minorities of Armenia have contributed greatly to the defense of Artsakh both in the 90s liberation war and now."

Photos: https://twitter.com/Zinvor/status/1312952505920360451?s=20

October 5th arrives

6:45 Russian WarGonzo journalist: capital Stepanakert is being bombed with cluster bombs again. It shook our hotel building. The sirens are on. The internet and electricity came back minutes earlier. There is a fog right now which will make the drones' job harder.






Video evidence showing the targeting of the civilian infrastructure in capital Stepanakert. The civilian death toll has reached 19

https://youtu.be/N3is_tUg8RM , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030452.html.

11:54 army: Azerbaijan is using Smerch, Polonez, and Turkish Kasirga to target the civilians.


8:22: A photo of a Belorussian opposition activist holding the flag of Armenia with "Recognize Artsakh" written on it.


8:23 Artsakh president to Azeri public: because of the bombardment of civilians in capital Stepanakert and elsewhere, we will have no choice but to take the war deep within the territories of Azerbaijan. To avoid civilian casualties, leave the settlements that host a military base belonging to your terrorist army.


11:01: army released a video from the front line featuring the artillerymen.


8:27 army: Fights of various intensity which started overnight continue to rage all along the Line of Contact.


8:35: Emergency Ministry of Armenia released a video to educate the public on how to behave during an air siren, SMS alarm, where to take cover, etc.


10:41 army: Azeris have resumed the attack in the south. The battles are fierce. We're dealing them a blow.


10:48 Artsakh govt: cities of Stepanakert and Shushi are being bombed again. We'll respond by bombing military objects in Azeri cities. We urge Azeri civilians to leave to avoid possible casualties.


11:07 Armenian MoD: Azeris' claim that we fired from Armenia is false. Do not fabricate provocations.


12:50 army: The military-political leadership of Azerbaijan shouts loudly about civilian objects to hide its own vandalism. After Stepanakert and other Artsakh cities were bombed for 6 days, the govt warned about targeting military objects in Azeri cities, but the Azeri govt didn't care about its citizens.

12:15 army: On October 1st, Private Arsen Margaryan monitored the Azeri airstrikes, calculated their movements, and used Igla to strike two Su-25 jets.


13:22 Artsakh President Arayik: I was in the south front early in the morning. The fighting spirit of the boys and the confidence in victory are only contagious. The army continues to fight to the death for every inch of land, not only in that direction but along the entire line of contact. Our efforts to defeat the enemy will undoubtedly succeed. Glory to the Armenian army.


13:58: the army published the names of 21 more soldiers who died in battles.


14:24 Artsakh govt: the response has already been delivered. The targets were successfully hit. (military objects in Azeri cities)


14:47 Artsakh govt: There are reports that several hundred thousand people from different cities of Azerbaijan have fled in panic to other rear settlements and Baku after yesterday's rocket attacks on enemy military targets. We thank the people of Azerbaijan for their high civic consciousness. In fact, it's best to leave before the strikes happen.


12:48: Ria Novosti writes that most journalists have left Stepanakert for safety, but many international and local ones stayed to report on the damages.


14:30: a residential building caught on fire in Stepanakert after an Azeri bombing.


14:40: former Armenian ambassador to Israel says the Israeli leadership is considering to end arms supplies to Azerbaijan in 3 days. "There are negotiations with Israeli MFA through various channels."

The MFA did not confirm it, stating that the person is a "former ambassador". Resident Sarkissian also spoke with the Israeli president.

https://factor.am/291119.html , https://factor.am/291209.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030448.html.

15:13: a video from the front lines. Soldiers sending greetings.


16:08: LHK party leader Marukyan has urged the authorities to release BHK leader Gagik Tsarukyan from the 2-month detention, due to war.


16:00: Iran is concerned about its borders and created a plan "which would protect civilians and help resolve the conflict."


16:18: Il-96 jet traveled from Russia to Armenia to bring personnel needed for preparations of an upcoming EAEU trade bloc meeting in Yerevan. Some outlets had earlier speculated that it could be military aid. Others reported that the jet flew to Turkey, so assumptions were made that it may also contain a diplomatic envoy regarding the Artsakh conflict.

Later, Azeri president's assistant Hikmet Hajiyev expressed dissatisfaction after learning that Russian PM Mishustin will be visiting Yerevan for the EAEU trade summit.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030427.html , https://factor.am/291190.html , https://www.azerbaycan24.com/en/it-would-be-surprising-if-mishustin-s-visit-to-yerevan-confirmed-hikmet-hajiyev/

17:54: former president Robert Kocharyan is traveling from Artsakh to Yerevan to meet the Russian ambassador.


16:33: Artsakh govt has rewarded several soldiers with medals for bravery and achievements. Some of them shot 4 drones, multiple tanks, etc.


16:55: Armenian messenger app Zangi has an update that will let you communicate with others even if the internet is out. The developer says your messages are only saved on your phone.


17:09 Artsakh official: We constantly receive information from the commanders in front that the enemy is suffering terrible losses of manpower and equipment.


17:15: Pashinyan encouraged the Armenian soldiers who were demobilized within the past year to rejoin the army, and for people to donate various items. Per law, recently-demobilized soldiers don't have to join, but since they are "fresh" and have the experience, the army could use their help.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030439.html , https://twitter.com/gbazov/status/1313105662004678656?s=19

17:26: Artsakh govt has announced that Armenian forces have pulled back in some areas for "better defense, avoid casualties, preparing offense in other areas".

"Certain movements of troops do not decide anything at this stage of the war. Do not share Azerbaijani propaganda," said the army.

Army, several hours later: The enemy, while trying to quickly occupy the positions left by the Armenian forces, found itself in a trap.

https://twitter.com/arcrunmod/status/1313108843505868801?s=19 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030442.html , https://twitter.com/GeromanAT/status/1313116142635036673?s=19 , https://twitter.com/arcrunmod/status/1313108843505868801?s=19 , https://factor.am/291397.html

17:53 army: we shot another tank and 2 armored vehicles in the south.


18:01: PM Pahinyan's son, who returned from the army a few months ago, has volunteered to join again.


18:59: video interview from soldiers in the front line.


19:20: Armenian embassy in Russia has urged Armenians not to hold protests in Moscow in order not to cause "troubles".


19:36 Armenian MP: today the Armenian soldier also defends Georgia's independence and sovereignty from Turkey's expansionist ambitions. We must be together. Today is that moment. (it's probably about Georgia allowing Turkish arms transport through Georgia)


19:40: army spokesman uploaded a photo next to an unexploded Smerch missile in the southern city Hadrut.

Photo: https://news.am/arm/news/606201.html

20:27: Yerevan city is sending a AMD 100mln aid to Stepanakert city tomorrow to complete some work.


20:28: Pashinyan shared several photos of the artillerymen. "Ձեր ցավը տանեմ. դուք հաղթող եք"


20:31 army explains the deliberate retreat and counter-attack in the south: Today, in one of the most difficult fronts, our army used tactical tricks by creating the impression of retreat.

The enemy, trying to quickly occupy the positions left by the Armenian forces, found itself in a trap. Our artillery barrage left most of the Azerbaijani unit destroyed. Leaving more than 200 killed servicemen on the battlefield, the enemy fled irregularly.


21:10 army press conference: during the day, Azeris uploaded videos from the south to prove that they "secured" their success. They recorded a video from inside Armenian positions. However, that's yet another example of them trying to present small and short-lived successes as big victories.

Our forces and commanders organized smart maneuvers and were able to destroy >200 soldiers and throw them back. It was similar to "escape from Mataghis" yesterday, with the only difference that we didn't record their escape.

This is why we don't like to talk details about specific positions (things change quickly).

Both sides' losses will be presented tomorrow after we finish the verification.


20:28 residents of Gyumri continue to gather supplies for the soldiers.

Photos: https://factor.am/291327.html

21:45: Armenian army has again denied the Azeri claims that Ganja, Azerbaijan was shelled from the Republic of Armenia territories.


A video uploaded by singer Sirusho from Stepanakert showing the destruction caused by Azerbaijan's indiscriminate bombing of houses in capital Stepanakert:


22:06: The Amnesty International condemned the use of cluster bombs against civlians.


22:26: Canadian MFA says they've suspended the delivery of certain technologies to Trueky that were being used for drone production after Armenia complained.


22:35: Artsakh and Armenian Human Rights Ombudsmen have called for the international community to sanction Azerbaijan for bombing 60 civilian settlements in Artsakh and Armenia.

Video in Russian: https://youtu.be/QR2F7ySqWww

https://t.me/infoteka24/8067 , https://t.me/infoteka24/8071

22:42: Yerevan municipality installed a large screen in the main public square to broadcast Artsakh-related content.


23:33: army shared footage showing the Azeri tank getting hit during daytime battles.

Video: https://t.me/infocomm/22281

23:34: Armenia's capital Yerevan installed a laser projector to beam information about Azeri equipment/personnel losses in the air.

Video: https://youtu.be/rKtlRBYgmv0?t=22

23:46: Artsakh govt spokesman shared a message without any details, "The anti-terrorist struggle continues successfully in Artsakh. Glory to our army."


Aliyev desperately wants his top-general to "confess"

Last week we learned that WarGonzo Russian war journalists received info (later confirmed by other source) that Azerbaijan's General Chief of Staff Najmeddin Sadigov was on the run/arrested for allegedly "being a Russian spy".

Sadigov had earlier expressed dissatisfaction with Aliyev's decision to hand over the army control to Turkey, stating that it's the same as giving your wife to others. They decided to get rid of him.

WarGonzo writes that in order to force a confession from Sadigov, Azeris kidnapped his brother-in-law from Derbent, Russia to use as leverage.


the international response from around the world

Arab League chief: Turkish tensions in Caucasus and Mediterranean regions will not end well for Turkey. It annoys me that the Syrians use mercenaries to fight with Azerbaijan against Armenia ... It is very sad that Syrian mercenaries are being used by Erdogan in cases that are unrelated to Turkey.


48 members of the European Parliament have called for Azerbaijan to immediately stop the war. Josep Borrell, the EU's Minister for Foreign Affairs, citing Azerbaijan's indiscriminate attack against Stepanakert civilians, has called for actions by the EU to end the Azeri aggression, and to prevent Turkey "from destabilizing yet another reason on European borders."


NATO leader Jens Stoltenberg urged an immediate ceasefire, stating that negotiations are the only way to solve this conflict.


The Mayor of Los Angeles has urged Washington D.C. to conduct rigorous diplomacy necessary to bring peace to the Artsakh region. "Turkey must disengage". Los Angeles had earlier recognized Artsakh as an independent republic.


The Armenian community of Montreal organized a rally:


Italian orchestra conductor Fabio Mastrangelo called Azerbaijan's, Turkey's, and terrorists' actions in Artsakh "unforgivable".


American rapper Xzibit shared the photo of Artsakh's iconic grandma-grandpa statue on Instagram in solidarity, and shared the link for donation at www.himnadram.org.


Elton John: In May 2018, I visited this beautiful country and was overwhelmed with the kindness and humanity shown to me by the Armenian people.

Now Armenia and Artsakh are under attack from unprovoked Azeri/Turkish aggression. Civilians are being targeted and there are needless deaths on both sides.

Armenians are beautiful people and they deserve lasting peace from years of historical persecution.



Armenians in Thessaloniki, Greece held a rally in support of Armenia.


The Australian: In the next week or so, many thousands of human lives – of civilians as well as soldiers – could be lost in a war the great powers of the world seem unable to stop, and for which Turkey is egging on the aggressor, Azerbaijan.

For years, the Azeri govt fed Armenophobia to its population.

The UN Security Council must immediately refer the matter to the International Criminal Court, which is now tasked with investigating the crime of aggression allegedly committed by Aliyev with the support of Turkish President Erdogan.



A group of Armenian news organizations urged their international colleagues to raise awareness about the conflict and the bombardment of Armenian civilians.


A Dutch MP and a Foreign Affairs member has cast a doubt on Azerbaijan's future cooperation with the EU, "if it doesn't listen to EU's calls for a ceasefire."


Mirror Spectator: New England Armenian-Americans Protest Azerbaijan Attack on Homeland. Armenians from throughout New England held a strong protest at the Massachusetts Statehouse


Likely unrelated to Artsakh: A famous Turkish basketball player Enes Kanter shared a video yesterday and called Recepp Erdogan "a Modern day Hitler".


Los Angeles City Hall organized a press conference, attended by House Representatives, urging the White House and others to condemn Turkey and Azerbaijan, including for recruiting terrorists.


donations continue to arrive

The chairman of Diaspora Committee Zareh Sinanyan called for Armenians around the world to continue to donate and to use their influence to raise awareness and help in other ways.



Actor Hovhannes Azoyan urged everyone to join the campaign:


Russian-Armenian businessman Samvel Karapetyan sent aid to the army but the content is being kept secret.


A Polish MP Martha Kubiak: In light of the ongoing attacks by Azerbaijan, including on the civilians living in the small Polish community, I pledge to donate my September salary to people in the war zone.


An Armenian-American man donated $100,000 of his savings to Artsakh.


Maboogian Simone Foundation has donated $3m, Aurora Foundation co-founders donated $2m, Edel Hovnanyan Foundation $3m, Zangezur copper mine $1m

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030364.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030370.html , https://factor.am/291084.html , https://factor.am/291118.html

www.himnadram.org has so far received $48m in donations. The previous record was $35m in 2008.

sports news

Armenia's Greco-Roman wrestling youth team participated in an international competition in Belarus and won 7 gold, 2 silver, 4 bronze.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030412.html the buses are almost ready

Yerevan has finally chosen a winner company (Multi Motors) to deliver the 100 large buses for the upcoming transport revamp. They'll cost $3.8m.



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