2020 October 4

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Daily news and anti-corruption report

Oct/4/2020 wrap-up: \\ Karabakh War \\ war crime: Azerbaijan drops cluster bomb on civilian population (video) \\ Karabakh strikes military object inside Azerbaijan \\ battles in north and south \\ international response \\ donations \\ more reports of jihadists recruited by Azerbaijan \\ videos
by ar_david_hh

Previous reports: October 3rd, October 2nd, October 1st, September 30th, September 29th, September 28th, September 27th

Artsakh = Karabakh. The timestamps below do not strictly indicate the exact moment of events.

Azerbaijan dropped cluster bombs on the civilian population of Stepanakert city

video: https://twitter.com/i/status/1312735783837732871

more jihadist videos arrive

Yesterday, we saw a video recorded by a Syrian mercenary (who mentioned the word Armenia) inside an Armenian armory that they captured. The same armory was also filmed by the Azerbaijani army and uploaded on the internet, thus confirming that they have jihadists.

Videos: https://t.me/reartsakh/4131


Middle East reporter shared a video of one of the Syrian jihadists who was allegedly killed in Artsakh. "He is among 55 corpses that were transported to Syria last night", said the reporter.


a few more things from yesterday

Armenians had closed dozens of streets in Los Angeles demanding action against Azeri-Turkish aggression. They blocked the CNN headquarters to demand objective news coverage.

https://youtu.be/qUSJhb6ZUNY , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030234.html


Non-government sources have identified the names of 70 more deceased Azeri soldiers not reported by Azeri authorities. Part 1 had some 240 names. "The real numbers are much higher," said the group.

Part 2: https://t.me/infoteka24/7794


The battles were fierce yesterday. Footage showing the aftermath of one battle. A field is covered with the bodies of Azeri attackers.

Graphic: https://t.me/hay_mitq/702

October 4th arrives

00:12: electricity was partially restored in the capital Stepanakert after yesterday's bombing by Azerbaijan.


00:45 Artsakh president: I'm still in the front while handling politics remotely. After heavy battles, we improved our positions and built a ground for future successes. After failing in the front line, Azeris resumed bombing the civilians. This war crime will not go unpunished. We will win and punish those who threaten our existence.


Artsakh president Arayik uploaded a photo with the boys. "Coffee in the front lines".


2:25: a group of doctors volunteered to travel from France to help the civilians and soldiers.


7:46 - 10:36 the air sirens rang in Stepanakert to warn everyone to take shelter again.

Azerbaijan is again using Polonez and Smerch missiles against the civilians of Stepanakert.

Video: https://youtu.be/tRaWqeBpPoA

Video: https://youtu.be/RePuRn-plwg



12:03 Armenian MFA: the leadership of Azerbaijan and Turkey will be held accountable for these war crimes against civilians.


7:59 army: there is a shootout across the border right now. Light-intensity artillery in some locations.


10:46 Artsakh president: I urge the Azeri population to leave cities with military facilities to avoid casualties. We will strike these facilities. The entire responsibility is on the Azerbaijani government's shoulders.


10:50: Artsakh army reports bombing the airport in Azerbaijan's 3rd largest Ganja city (north), not too far from front lines.

Azerbaijan denied the report of "airport being destroyed" and said the aircraft are currently not flying from Ganja due to coronavirus.


12:12: a panic ensued in Azeri city Ganja after the airstrike. Thick smoke is seen on the horizon.

https://twitter.com/gbazov/status/1312770864270671873?s=20 , https://factor.am/290683.html

12:03 army: we destroyed 2 tanks and 3 aircraft in the south.


12:56 military expert: the destruction of Ganja airport was important. It's only 61km away. Turkish jets fly from there within seconds. A few of them are probably destroyed. They would need to use another airport, further away from the front, which could give Armenians time to analyze and learn the enemy plans. Turkey coordinates it's jet attacks from headquarters in Kars, Turkey.


13:26 Artsakh president: if the Azeri govt doesn't learn from this, we will continue to strike and dismantle the enemy's rear and the army. I've asked the army to stop the fire for now to prevent casualties among the Azeri civilian population.


13:43 military expert: all the responsibility for Ganja and other future strikes are on the Azeri govt shoulders. There are already reports of civilian and police clashes amid dissatisfaction with authorities.


Another source later shared this video claiming it's a protest organized by several women against Aliyev. It is unverified.


13:43 MoD Armenia: no missiles were fired towards Azerbaijan from the Republic of Armenia. The Azeri claims are false.


12:32: army uploaded photos of armored vehicles and equipment captured from Azeris.


13:53: Artsakh president thanked the soldiers for defending their homeland and gave a Hero title to five of them. One of them destroyed 15 tanks near Karakhanbeyli abandoned village in the south. Another one has shot 10 tanks near Talish, he is a Polytechnic student doing a Master's degree. "We will fight until the end," said the president.

https://factor.am/290725.html , https://twitter.com/517design/status/1312718011074260992?s=19

15:35: footage showing the destruction of numerous Azeri positions, vehicles, and equipment.


15:56: Georgia denies allowing Turkish military trucks to aid Azerbaijan through its territory while responding about footage from last night.


16:10: army says the northern village Mataghis is not under Azeri control, and that they've just destroyed Azeri vehicles on the road leading to Mataghis.


16:12: Armenia has filed another petition with the European Court for Human Rights. This time it's against Turkey's military support for the targeting of Armenian civilians.


16:43: president Sarkissian spoke with the owner of a regional Pharmatech medical company Vache Manukyan. The latter agreed to supply medical products free of charge.


16:53: a journalist from the Russian Izvestia outlet was injured after a missile explosion in Stepanakert. Shushi city was also targeted. 4 civilians died and 10 injured.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030299.html , https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/197743

17:03: Artsakh govt denies Aliyev's claim that Azeris captured the abandoned town of Jabrayil in the south. "The battles are across the whole line and Azeris haven't succeeded."

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030301.html , https://factor.am/290779.html

17:33: footage showing the destruction of Azeri ammo trucks and tanks on the road leading to northern Mataghis.


18:09: footage shows an Azeri Smerch missile striking the Stepanakert city.


More: https://t.me/sashakots/17143

Footage showing Azerbaijan targeting civilian buildings in capital Stepanakert


18:30: Artsakh human right ombudsman shows the large crater formed after Azeris bombed capital Stepanakert. "I urge the international community not to turn a blind eye on these war crimes."

Video: https://twitter.com/arcrunmod/status/1312751483914514435?s=19


Illegal cluster munition was used by Azerbaijan against civilians in Stepanakert, as shown in the video.

Video: https://twitter.com/IgorZhdanovRT/status/1312735783837732871?s=19



18:42: president Sarkissian has thanked the Armenian diaspora for support thought donations, spreading awareness, etc. "Together we will win."


18:49 Ilham Aliyev: the conflict with Armenia should be resolved through dialogue, but there needs to be a foundation for it. Pashinyan needs to agree that he supports the old agreements which state that the Karabakh territories are recognized as part of Azerbaijan. Pashinyan needs to apologize that he called our lands "Armenia".

https://www.civilnet.am/news/2020/10/04/Aliyev-Hints-at-Dialogue-With-Preconditions/399060 , https://factor.am/290813.html , https://www.civilnet.am/news/2020/10/04/Իլհամ-Ալիև․-Հայաստանի-հետ-խնդիրը-պետք-է-լուծվի-երկխոսության-միջոցով-բայց-դրա-համար-պետք-է-հիմք-լինի/398981

18:57: Artsakh president has called for the ethnic minorities in Azerbaijan not to fight against Armenians, and to "resist the dictatorship and its military drafts targeted at minorities". He vowed not to target military objects in ethnic minority regions which could inflict casualties.


18:50: footage showing the ambush and destruction of Azeri vehicles near northern village Mataghis. Dozens of Azeri soldiers are seen routing, many don't make it alive.

Video 1: https://youtu.be/fPw1rq9vdps

Video 2, allegedly the aftermath (graphic): https://youtu.be/Sb17hJSOiis

Video 3: https://youtu.be/rhuBvYW3fEU



19:33 army: the pilots of all the destroyed Azeri jets fall with the jets like a stone. There is no catapult. Is it turned off? Azerbaijan does not care about its most expensive military specialists. The bodies of their pilots are in the fields.


19:44 Pashinyan to German Bild outlet: this isn't just a local security issue.

First, Turkey imported jihadists from Syria.

Second, Turkish soldiers are directly involved. It's part of their "Turkish empire" ambitions which we also see in Libya and the Middle East.

Third, Turkey is back for another genocide. Their goal is to absorb Azerbaijan and ends its independence.

Fourth, if Europe doesn't assess the situation accurately, they should expect Turkey at the gates of Vienna.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030319.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030313.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030313.html

19:55: Iranian media sources claim Iran is positioning several tanks near the border with Armenia and Azerbaijan. Iran has been shelled 30 times... A group of Iranian MPs visited the border.


, https://news.am/arm/news/606025.html

19:57: Aliyev wants Emmanuel Macron to apologize for stating the fact that Azerbaijan imported Syrian jihadists.


20:03 army: battles continue in north and south. The Azeri attacks are being repelled.


20:12: MFAs of Armenia and Russia discussed the conflict and civilian casualties.


21:07 NSS (FBI) reports: unknown resident(s) reported several foreign citizens with suspicious activities. We detained them for questioning. It was revealed that they were gathering info about our internal troop movement, size, locations, names. The suspects, along with their Armenian-citizen accomplice, were arrested.


21:10 army: Today alone, Azeris left 400 dead, 700 wounded, 13 armored vehicles, 3 aircraft, 1 UAV. Our losses will be announced when we properly identify and verify.

Lots of misleading information was shared by Ilham Aliyev. We saw how they congratulated themselves with capturing Mataghis. Today we published videos showing how Azeri soldiers were running away from Magathis under our artillery fire.

Today they spread another misinformation about Jabrayil capture.

Aliyev is under an information blockade. He is not being briefed properly. He is being fed false information, which he tries to use to sell a big victory to his people.

Our airstrike on Ganja airport shows how little Aliyev cares about the Azeri population. Not one step was taken by him to organize a civil defense program since the beginning of the war. All while the Azeri army knew that them attacking our cities would result in our counter-strike on their military base in Ganja.

Today's battled weren't as fierce and Azeris failed to conduct anything significant because the Turkish aid was somewhat neutralized thanks to our air defense and other measures. Turkish UAVs were unable to work, hence the insignificant gains, heavy losses, more retreat.

Our soldiers have incredibly high morale, especially the conscripts and their commanders. We have heroes. One artilleryman received a wound but kept shelling the opponent's positions until the last bomb, before seeking treatment.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030331.html , https://factor.am/290850.html

21:20 journalist: Azeris have been using "cheap" AN planes to expose the location of anti-aircraft locations. A satellite photo shows that the AN fleet in this airport has reduced from 61 to 26.


21:33 photo: a resident [over]loaded his car with vehicle tires to transport them to front lines for use as extra barricades.


Artsakh president Arayik Harutyunyan's Wikipedia page has been edited to change his name to "Mernem Janit Arayik". 🤔


21:55: the govt has informed the resident of Armenia's Ararat province that they'll be shooting anti-hail missiles in the air to disperse dark clowns clouds (thanks autocorrect). "They are not war missiles."


A few more vehicles belonging to the Azeri army being destroyed, presumably in the north.

Video: https://t.me/infoteka24/7919

21:57 army: so far, Azerbaijan has lost 3154 soldiers, 4 Smerch, 368 tanks and armored vehicles, 17 aircraft, 14 helicopters, 124 drones, etc.


22:20: former governor of Syunik province Surik "Liska" Khachatryan, an Artsakh war veteran, who is currently wanted for alleged financial crimes, is currently receiving medical treatment abroad. He promised to return and join the army "when he recovers".

A video recorded by Armenians shows the aftermath of an ambush and elimination of an Azeri military column that was carrying ammo. The cameraman says they'll gladly use what's left.

Graphic: https://t.me/infoteka24/7928

22:30 interview to France24: Pashinyan has informed the U.S. about having radar evidence that Turkish F-16 jets were striking Armenian positions. "It shows how they strolled the Republic of Armenia border on September 27 and 28 and then bombed the villages near Vardenis. "The question is, did the United State build these jets so Turkey can use them to bomb innocent civilians?"


22:24 Pashinyan to France24 TV: Azerbaijani public is a victim of a dictatorial regime. Armenians are a "convenient enemy" that Aliyev uses to divert attention from lack of freedom of speech, democracy, human rights, and socio-economic hardships. Social media is severely limited in Azerbaijan. The same family has ruled Azerbaijan since 1994. Meanwhile, Karabakh has changed 4 presidents.


22:41 Artsakh govt about Azeris shelling civilian cities and counter-attack on Ganja: The current situation gives us a legitimate right to move our operations to the entire territory of Azerbaijan to clear it of terrorist groups.


22:55: Artsakh govt denies the Azeri allegations about striking Mingechaur city. (Mingechaurhas an electric plant that generates 35% of the country's electricity. There is also a huge water dam nearby).

Azeri social media reports allegedly intercepting two Armenian rockets in the air.

The MoD of the Republic of Armenia has officially denied firing any rockets at Mingechaur.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030348.html , https://twitter.com/fuadshahbazov/status/1312813123506778119 , https://t.me/infocomm/22146

Fake video was circulated on social media claiming to be the attack on Manghicaur. The video was from the Israel-Palestine conflict.


00:01 army: without single evidence, now the Azeri govt is fabricating claims about us targeting the Absheron peninsula (where capital Baku is). They are building a pretense for aggression.


international response and politics

A U.S. Department of State official will visit Turkey to discuss various issues, including the Artsakh war. "We want to discuss it with Turkey. We can reduce tensions."



Washington Post Op: Erdogan’s reckless intervention is fueling fighting in Azerbaijan and Armenia. Trump should tell Erdogan to stand down.

Azerbaijan’s autocratic ruler, Ilham Aliyev, has launched an offensive to regain the territories his country lost in the 1990s. He is doing so with the direct support of Turkey.

Turkey was once a reliable NATO ally. But in the past several years Mr. Erdogan has increasingly sought to make his nation into a geopolitical power

It’s not clear how far Russia will go to stop the Turkish-Azeri offensive; Mr. Pashinyan was democratically elected in 2018 after a popular uprising, and so is no favorite of Vladimir Putin. But it is in the U.S. interest to stop the fighting and restart negotiations.


Wrestling world champion Arthur Alexanyan: the world is blinded by Azeri oil and gas


Australian Austrian MP Gudrun Kugler spoke about the Syrian jihadists, urged to end the Turkish intervention, and to establish a ceasefire.


Nikola Aznavour, son of Charles Aznavour, condemned the use of illegal bombs and the targeting of the civilian population of Artsakh. He hopes the war will end soon. He believes Turkey wants to repeat 1915 but this time with the hands of Azerbaijan.


Former French president Francois Hollande joined the Armenians to condemn the Turkish involvement and the deployment of jihadists in Artsakh. He urged Europe to take action, and for NATO to expel Turkey from its ranks. "Today they do this in the Caucasus, tomorrow they could do it in the Balkans."


173 French politicians and figures have signed a petition to ask France to force Azerbaijan to stop the aggression and to recognize Artsakh's legitimacy.


Russian Comedy Club host Garik Martirosyan drew attention to the conflict and urged for a ceasefire to prevent civilian casualties.


Former boxing world champion Vik Darchinyan praised the Armenian soldiers with a message


AFP: Cities under fire as Armenia-Azerbaijan fighting intensifies


Two more German MPs joined the calls to urge a ceasefire and an end to Turkey's arms supplies to Azerbaijan. "The rhetoric needs to de-escalate."


Popular Israeli-Arab blogger-traveler Nas Daily shared the video he recorded in Armenia in 2018 and hopes the conflict will end soon.



Donations continue to arrive. $24m collected so far.



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