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Daily news and anti-corruption report

Oct/3/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Karabakh-Artsakh \\ the most fierce battles since resumption \\ Armenians defend and attack \\ Azerbaijan targets civilian population & infrastructure \\ international reaction \\ videos of Syrian jihadists recruited by Azerbaijan-Turkey \\ donations continue to arrive
by ar_david_hh

October 2nd events, October 1st events, September 30th events, September 29th events, September 28th events, September 27th events

Artsakh = Karabakh


The All-Armenia Fund has so far raised $20m in support for Artsakh


more reports arrive about the Syrian jihadists deployed by Azerbaijan and Turkey

A Syrian mercenary recorded a video while under Armenian artillery fire. Towards the end of the video, it mentions "Armenia". He is wearing a uniform distributed by Azeri army, as seen in photos of other mercenaries.

While under fire, he retreats into another Azeri outpost to take shelter. We know that this is an Azeri outpost because the building is seen in another, older, video from the Azeri army.





An alleged video by a Syrian jihadist in an armory they captured from Armenian soldiers.



Another video of Syrian jihadists in Azerbaijan. They are heard talking about the preparations to "cross the border with Armenia".




The Guardian: Syrian recruits describe the role of >1,000 foreign fighters in Nagorno-Karabakh. Several men in Syria’s last opposition stronghold of Idlib province told the Guardian this week that over the last month military commanders representing Turkish security companies had offered them work guarding observation posts and oil and gas facilities in Azerbaijan on 3-6 month contracts for £1,000/mo.

Mustafa Khalid confirmed the previous reports, telling the Guardian he signed up on 18 September and was now stationed at a post on the line of contact which has come under sustained artillery fire since last Sunday. The 23-year-old said he traveled as part of a contingent of 1,000 Syrian men from the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad, Suleiman Shah and Al Hamza divisions which left the Hawar Kilis border crossing with Turkey for a military base in Gaziantep on 23 September.

Syrians posted to Nagorno-Karabakh appear be wearing the blue uniforms that are standard issue to Azerbaijani border guards.

Khalid said: I was hesitant to come here at the beginning because I had no idea about this country. I knew there were skirmishes between the two countries, but I didn’t know that I was coming to war.




The identities of 10 more jihadists have been identified by a Middle East journalist.



"Ali al-Rahmuni, Hamza Division, from Kafr Halab, killed in Azerbaijan. Hamza in Atareb says leadership “demanded” their fighters be returned after the first casualties and are being threatened by Turkey as a result. How can SNA groups believe they have agency?"



Another report on Twitter about the death of a mercenary.



Times of India: Who are the foreign fighters in Nagorno-Karabakh



Russian debate-show "Time Will Tell".

RUS guest: Erdogan absorbs one country today [Azerbaijan], tomorrow he will another one. He needs to be stopped.

RUS host: can EU pressure Turkey?

EURO guest: Turkey threatens the EU with migrants. EU's hands are tied, but France wants to. The whole world can pressure Ergodan a-la Kennedy 1962 style. "Sorry, if you don't withdraw your troops now, we will..."

More: https://youtu.be/H7ChoOmelRE



Israeli journalist Lapshin: today you'll find many posters in Jerusalem in support of Armenia. People ask on social media about where they can buy the Armenian flag. (context: Erdogan claimed Jerusalem is a Turkish city.)


a few more things from yesterday

Killdim Productions has a new satirical clip about the Aliyev-Erdogan love relationship.


Azeri agents were caught faking Armenian letters on a flag to claim they captured a popular flag belonging to a brigade. Today they shared another fake, this time a video.


Capital Stepanakert's elderly discuss daily life.


Armenians of Glendale, California held a candle rally in support of Artsakh.


An earlier video showing the aftermath of an ambush and elimination of 32 Azeri soldiers was filmed in the north where volunteers joined the soldiers to recapture positions.

Graphic: https://youtu.be/nEwX_wkSXW0

October 3rd arrives / the biggest battles since the war's resumption

00:27 Artsakh MFA: the recognition of Artsakh independence by the international community will be the best way to prevent the repetition of aggression. It's an inevitable and logical part of the negotiations.


3:04: last evening the Armenian army said they counted 1750 Azeri death (KIA). Artsakh govt says they have intel that it's over 3,000. "Many of them lie in the neutral zone. Azerbaijan isn't taking any steps to extract them. Only psychiatrists can explain such a massacre of their own people". The number was confirmed by the Armenian MoD today.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030086.html , https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3400285166673734&id=100000768523525

If you find those numbers impossible and a Redditor quotes the Armenian army, which explains why Azeris have so many casualties:

"They are high because of the way the adversary is conducting operations. We have been very deliberate with how we have been using our soldiers. That's how things are when you are conscientious about the lives of the young men serving. In contrast, the adversary is conducting a bombardment and then sending waves of ground forces en masse forward. They get killed on the way to defenses and start running. Once they start running, we bombard them."



3:26 Karabakh Records group:

Although the info-blockade in Azerbaijan rages on, we were able to create a list of the death toll in the Azerbaijani Army based on OSINT only. Numbers are growing day by day. The actual toll, counting also the Turkish-backed mercenaries, is a few times higher. (Part 1 contains 243 already-identified full names)


7:51 WarGonzo reporter: capital Stepanakert was bombed with Smerch missiles. The citizens spent the night in bomb shelters.

8:15: High-Tech Minister's account was not hacked. Some email addresses were shared from an employee computer.


7:45 army: there were fierce battles last night. The enemy has brought reinforcements. Our soldiers are putting up a heroic fight.

https://t.me/infocomm/21890 , https://twitter.com/arcrunmod/status/1312247105889730561?s=20


7:50: Artsakh president Arayik Harutyunyan called for all Armenians to defend their homeland and decided to join the front line himself. "I'll be more useful there than here. This is a holy patriotic war that we will win with the help of everyone's dedication."


8:40 army: fierce battles in north and south. The enemy launched an offensive that is being repelled by our troops. The opponent has heavy losses. We shot an Azeri aircraft.

https://t.me/infocomm/21892 , https://t.me/infocomm/21894

8:38: the govt will expand the types of aid distributed to border residents.


8:52 army: we just downed 2 more Azeri aircrafts. The fierce battles continue. All 3 were downed in south.

https://twitter.com/arcrunmod/status/1312255313131823104?s=20 , https://t.me/reartsakh/4022

9:08: Syrian-Armenians express their support for Artsakh. "We know the Turkish policy. I'm ready to send my 3 sons to fight."

https://youtu.be/NtHysu0Mq7I , https://news.am/arm/news/605741.html

9:21: the Public Council has urged Azerbaijan's ethnic minorities to reject the Turkish occupation and discriminatory policies. "You have an opportunity now."


Talysh activists on Facebook: Of the 41 known dead, 19 are from the Talysh region. This shows once again that we are right. There is a national massacre against the Talysh people. I swear to God that we are independent Talysh youth and are not funded by anyone. What worries us is the fate of the Talysh people. AYILIN TALISHLAR!

Aliyev's government kills your scientists in prison and your heroes in Karabakh. This is the greatest massacre the Talysh people have seen since Stalin. We drown when we hear the name of every Talysh young man killed. Each of those young people could be a teacher, historian, scientist with a Talysh spirit. But they are the victims of Aliyev's planned policy of massacre, which the Talysh people do not need!

https://www.facebook.com/Talyshistan/posts/2834551983490668 , https://www.reddit.com/r/armenia/comments/j4f2ku/azerbaijanturkey_war_against_artsakh_day_7/g7jg80q/

To learn more about the Azerbaijani government's ethnic discrimination of minorities, read yesterday's thread:


9:56: OCSE Minsk Group is urging an immediate humanitarian ceasefire so the Red Cross can collect the bodies from the battlefield.


10:07: Artsakh president Arayik met a group of special forces soldiers to give a speech before a deployment.


10:15: RIA Novosti outlet says capital Stepanakert was bombed. WarGonzo journalists were a few blocks away. Several journalists rushed to take shelter. There were reported injuries.


Video: https://t.me/sashakots/17099


10:34 army spokesman: this day will decide not only our fate but the fate of our region.


11:30: security services urge journalists and civilians not to operate amateur drones for now because they could be mistaken for a military one.


12:04: photo showing a pile of sniper rifles and machine guns captured from Azeris.


12:25 army: Azerbaijan is targeting the types of civilian infrastructure that can cause an environmental disaster.


13:02: army released a photo of a Turkish 122mm bomb that fell on Armenia's Vardenis region's Kut village, away from Artsakh.


13:04 Ilham Aliyev: I support the OCSE Minks Group if all 3 members (Russia, France, USA) stay neutral. Russia has a bigger role than the other two states.


13:28 army: we were able to repel the opponent's large-scale attack. We've launched a counteroffensive in one direction while we defend in the rest. Not every army is capable of regrouping and launching a counter-attack as our army did, glory to our men.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030121.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030130.html

13:31 army: the enemy has sustained heavy losses. They used LAR-160 cluster munitions against civilians.

Photos: https://twitter.com/ArmenianUnified/status/1312323876580462597?s=19


13:43: President Sarkissian interview with Indian WION outlet.


14:00: Former Armenian president Serj Sargsyan arrives in Artsakh.


14:15: Georgia says they banned military cargo transfer over the air and land, for both countries. Earlier the ban was for land only. There were unconfirmed reports that a Turkish military truck was allowed to travel.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030133.html , https://www.azatutyun.am/a/30871893.html

14:38: army released footage showing the destruction of Azeri equipment. Dozens of Azeri soldiers are seen running back.

Video: https://youtu.be/N43L4jSA75E

Video: https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/361506984890515/


15:20: the govt will increase military expenditure by $83m (AMD 40b).


15:50 army: we shot an Azeri helicopter in the south.


16:00: army published the names of 51 more Armenian soldiers who died during battles.


16:02: Pashinyan's full interview with Al Jazeera. He mentioned Ramil Safarov, and why it's impossible for Karabakh's Armenian population to live under Azeri occupation


16:17: Armenian hackers broke into AzerTelecom and downloaded 5GB sensitive data.


16:27: Syrian mercenaries were identified near Azeri military building in Horadiz.


16:51 army: we destroyed a large column of armored vehicles and personnel belonging to the opponent who was trying to attack. The vehicles were parked at the time. They can't use them for the intended attack.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030156.html , https://t.me/infocomm/21952

16:58: National Security Services have intercepted radio communication between Azeris, proving the existence of terrorist groups on the battlefield, and that the Turkish air force is aiding Azeris. The video has Russian/English subtitles.

In the call, Azeris complain that many mercenaries refused to join the attack. Men are then heard speaking in Arabic, they're "looking for Mahmud Angir". One mercenary sends a message to a friend telling him not to come because it's a "meat grinder". Another says they're leaving 40 dead every day.

Video: https://youtu.be/Z2ec4ocjNBE

Video: https://m.facebook.com/armenpress/videos/679704399328851/


18:00: the church held a sermon to pray for Artsakh.


18:43 army: Hayk Smoyan of Lepoard-1 division instructed his men to take shelter and allowed opponents to get close, monitored their movement, then organized an ambush. Azeris left 9 dead and retreated.


18:50 Pashinyan speech: the Azeri-Turkish terrorist alliance's attacks were unprecedented. Experts say the scale was unseen is most of the world. Hundreds of vehicles, thousands of bombs, tens of thousands of soldiers, have been attacking Artsakh for a week.

Each one of our outposts was attacked by 200 enemies and air force, multiple times a day.

150 Turkish high ranking officers are leading the attacks. They have mercenaries.

We have sustained many human and equipment losses but the enemy failed to make any strategic gain. Our soldiers are heroes.

They aren't here just to invade villages. Their goal is the continuation of the genocide. But today the Armenian citizens are united.

Our victory is the only solution. Our army launched a counter-offense and destroyed several enemy special forces. We must destroy their back.

This is a new Sardarapat battle. We must all dedicate ourselves to victory. We will win. Glory to Armenia.


Video showing Yerevan residents responding Pashinyan speech with car honking.


19:15: Interfax sources say Azerbaijan is accumulating a large number of forces along the border with Armenia.


19:21 - 21:00: Armenian forces have found and destroyed the Israeli LORA missile unit that Azerbaijan used earlier to target civilian infrastructure in Stepanakert. The shelling of Stepanakert continues with various weapons, including an illegal cluster bomb. The electricity is out.

https://t.me/wargonzo/3579 , https://twitter.com/aghavalyan/status/1312427688724922373

, https://t.me/sashakots/17124 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1030209.html

19:26: Azerbaijan announced that their forces captured Mataghis near the northern borders of Artsakh.

21:17 WarGonzo journalist: my sources from Mataghis deny the report that Azeris captured it.


19:40: the army published the names of several Armenian soldiers who "did exceptionally well". Some of them shot as many as 7 tanks and 1 other armored vehicle. A soldier went behind the enemy line and shot 4 armored vehicles.

https://factor.am/290520.html , https://news.am/arm/news/605864.html

19:51: Iran has officially warned both sides to be careful and not cause damage to its territories.


20:00 Artsakh president's adviser: Azeris have sustained huge losses. They would very much like to stop the war now, but as we see, Turkey won't let them.


20:45: over 50,000 boxes of humanitarian aid is sent to Artsakh residents. Donations continue.


20:45: Army released footage showing the bodies of Azeri soldiers who died during a failed attack. One of them was carrying an Azeri flag with Arabic writings on it, presumably made by Syrian jihadists.


20:47: Armenians living in Russia continue to repatriate to join the army. A man who landed in Zvartnots from Novosibirsk said he didn't inform his family. Another one was a 90s veteran.


20:59 Education Ministry: if you see an Artsakh refugee child, convince them to go to school with you. They don't need to file any documents.


21:09 army briefing: fierce battles in north and south, especially the south. They tried to break through but we stopped them. It was non-stop for 7 hours. 450 Azeris died the and 900 were wounded very recently.

Today we shot 45 armored vehicles, 10 UAVs, 3 Smerch missile unit, 3 aircrafts, 1 helicopter.

We will promptly reveal our human losses as soon as the identification and verification is complete.

Our soldiers are incredibly courageous. There is currently a war on the ground and air.


21:34 army: there is a shootout across the whole Artsakh border with various intensity. We are continuing to confidently control the situation.


22:00 army: Azeri losses so far. 2745 deaths, 220 drones, 14 helicopters, 355 tanks and armored vehicles, 14 aircrafts, 4 Smerch, ...


Footage: showing destruction of several pieces of Azeri military equipment


22:18:: Journalist: would you agree to Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh?

Pashinyan: these issues can be discussed in a larger context within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group

Russian MFA: we would only introduce peacekeepers if both sides agree to it.

https://t.me/rt_russian/46779 , https://www.24news.am/news/126210 , https://t.me/infoteka24/7789

22:31: another outlet, Caucasus Knot, reports that Azerbaijan has arrested their General Chief of Army Staff General Najmaddin Sadigov.

Outlet WarGonzo earlier reported that he was accused of being a Russian spy and was against the Turkish hijacking of the Azeri army.


23:20 army spokesman: somebody should ask Azeri president Ilham and first lady Mehriban why they aren't visiting Mataghis (Azeris reported its capture) to kiss its soil.


Footage shows the Armenian soldier in the north. They say the Azeri soldiers who took positions on one of Mt. Mrav's hills were destroyed.


the international community's response

American human rights expert Alfred Zayas.: Azeri President Ilham Aliyev should be indicted by the International Criminal Court under article 6, for committing the crime of aggression.


Erdogan supports Azerbaijan because he believes the latter is an "oppressed country".


European Parliament MP Anna Bonfrisco: if it's confirmed that Turkey shot down an Armenian jet, Erdogan's provocations in the Caucasus will bring the Karabakh issue to thea world level.


Spanish MP Joan Baldovi expressed solidarity to Armenia "which is being bombed by Turkey and Azerbaijan."


Syrian MFA has warned Turkey not to interfere in Karabakh and not to destabilize the region.


Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has urged the world not to ignore the Turkish-Azeri attack on 150,000 peaceful civilians.


Swiss-Armenians held a rally in Bern to condemn the Turkish-Azeri aggression.


Armenians in Washington, D.C. held a rally in front of the Turkish embassy. "Stop bombing civilians."


More Armenian rallies around the world


Netherlands party Christian Union says Turkey has crossed the red line again, and that it's time for EU and Netherlands govt to properly respond.


MFA of Argentina Felipe Solá: Armenians are not aggressors. There should be a ceasefire. The richer Azerbaijan is receiving help from Turkey while the casualties increase on the Armenian side. Karabakh has chosen independence.


Turkish MP Garo Paylan (ethnic Armenian) criticized the Turkish govt for inciting violence instead of calling for peace.


The U.S. advises it's citizens to reconsider any travel to Azerbaijan. One reason is "terrorism concerns."


Link to original report and comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/armenia/comments/j4mbdw/oct32020_wrapup_war_in_karabakhartsakh_the_most/

Disclaimer: All the accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law, even if they may sound as being guilty. Currency in Armenian Drams ֏ unless specified otherwise. Helpful overview of Armenia's media ownership and leanings.

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