2020 October 22

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Daily news and anti-corruption report

Oct/22/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ close-up video of jihadists hired by Azerbaijan; comrade left to die; narcotics \\ battlefield & footage \\ international community responds \\ Artsakh Republic continues to gain recognition \\ humanitarian aid \\ the man, the legend \\ more...
by ar_david_hh

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video showing the jihadists hired by Azerbaijan / buddy left for dead


0:07: a large group is filmed while climbing a hill

0:10: militants likely under the influence of a substance. Irregular body movements are seen. Someone collapses. The army had earlier found "numbing" syringes under Azeri soldiers' possession.

0:19: their behavior indicates a complete lack of proper military training

0:29: a few of them are wearing uniform not belonging to the Azeri army

0:43: a complete disregard for a fellow soldier. A wounded soldier is seen laying on the ground while raising his hand to ask another nearby soldier for help. The guy leaves him to die. The wounded soldier is seen crawling down the hill all alone.

(All the terrorists were neutralized after filming the video, says the memo)


a few things from yesterday

American high-tech company Viasat has ended the sales of components to Turkey over the use of Turkish drones in the war crimes against Artsakh civilians.

An Armenian activist had met the Viasat director Ken Peterman, who said "They will not receive our products anymore, I am very grateful for these peaceful protests to stop this terrorism."


Protests were also held in front of the Lockheed Martin military company's facility in Louisville, Colorado. The protesters demanded the suspension of component sales to Turkey. "Armenia wants a world without war, while Turkey wants a world without Armenia."

Viasat: https://twitter.com/rn2nps/status/1319013421380112384?s=21

Lockheed: https://twitter.com/simonforco/status/1319047404520394752?s=20


Lockheed: https://news.am/arm/news/609183.html


The husband of Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris works at a law firm DLA Piper, which was lobbying for Azerbaijan. The law firm has dropped Azerbaijan Railways as a client.

The Livingston Group lobbyists have also dropped Azerbaijan as a client.





The terrorist who beheaded the French doctor in Paris allegedly had contacts with the Syrian terrorist cell Hayat Tahrir al-Cham, which has been preparing militants for deployment in Libya and Karabakh. One of its facilities was recently bombed by the Russian air force.




October 22nd events / battlefield / international response / donations and demonstrations

00:06: first lady Anna Hakobyan has congratulated Kim Kardashian on her 40th anniversary. "Ծնունդդ շնորհավոր, մեր շատ սիրելի Kim Kardashian West."

Kardashian said her best birthday gift was the decision by the Library of Congress to change the term "Armenian Massacres" to "Armenian Genocide".

"This is a message to Turkey," said Representative Adam Schiff.

https://news.am/arm/news/609175.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032374.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032479.html

3:18: a video showing Armenian soldiers using a tractor to dig a hole and bury several bodies of Azeri soldiers. The Aliyev regime refuses to collect their bodies.

[link intentionally redacted]

5:15: Iranian authorities have arrested 66 pan-Turkish ultra-nationalists in northern Iran who were demanding the closure of the border with Armenia.


6:52: the Parliament of Canada's Ontario state has criticized Turkey and Azerbaijan for aggression and called for Turkey's expulsion from NATO.

Canada had earlier suspended the sale of military components that Turkey was using to build TB2 drones.


7:06: Australia's New South Wales Parliament has two chambers. The upper chamber (Council) recognized the Artsakh Republic back in 2012.

The lower chamber (Assembly) recognized it yesterday with 61-2 votes.



9:36 army: the night was stable-tense. Localized battles continue across the whole border, including in the center, where the Azeris made a failed infiltration attempt.


9:52: Azerbaijan used artillery against civilian Martuni and surrounding settlements. The night was calm.

21:54: Martakert and nearby settlements were bombed.

33,000 students are unable to go to school in Artsakh due to the bombings.

Images: https://t.me/infocomm/24079?single




10:24: Armenian MoD refuted Azeri claims of firing ballistic missiles at Gabala and Kyurdamiri.

LHK MP Marukyan: I'm confident that whatever happened in Gabala and Kyurdamiri was the latest terrorist attack by the terrorists imported by Azerbaijan.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032373.html , https://news.am/arm/news/609226.html

10:41: The US city of Fowler, California has officially recognized the Artsakh Republic and condemned Azerbaijan for the aggression.



10:44: army shared footage showing the destruction of an Azeri military facility/equipment.


11:31: Yerevan My Love Foundation has a new program that provides psychological care to Artsakh refugee children.


11:57: mayors and governors across Armenia began recruiting and organizing groups of volunteers to defend the front.

ex-NSS chief Major General Arthur Vanetsyan and members of his Hayreniq party will join the front lines.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032381.html , https://news.am/arm/news/609227.html , https://news.am/arm/news/609348.html

12:21 army spokesman: localized fierce battles continue in various locations. Various enemy groups are being neutralized.


12:24 Artsakh president Arayik from the frontline: Dear compatriots, I would like to address you while being only a few hundred meters from the front line.

To win, we must believe in it. Faith has the greatest power. I am confident that we will win. I want all our churches to pray for our martyrs and of course, for the soldiers fighting on the front lines.

I want every Armenian to pray every day for our victory. I want the unity we have today to continue. I want you all to realize that the future of our nation depends on you.

I want you to fulfill your duty to the Homeland, and if possible, in the front lines. They are waiting for you at the border more than ever. Do your duty to the Homeland with honor. This is our հայրենական պատերազմ. We will win.

13:20 Arayik: I return from the front line with new and updated strength, every single time. The fighting spirit of our boys only inspires great confidence in victory. The close cooperation of the professional military, conscripts and the volunteers, and the ability to act side by side are proven every day.

Video: https://youtu.be/t5OmS_0ptlo?t=25



12:47: Artsakhtsi women held a demonstration in front of the US embassy in Yerevan and met a representative to pass a letter condemning the aggression and urging the US to take action.



13:09: Byurakan Observatory has been housing Artsakh refugee families in its guest house. Children go to school in Byurakan village, while at Byurakan Observatory they receive simplified courses about astrology astronomy and science.

During the school break, they will take a trip to TUMO tech-science education center for a special course.

Once a week, a group of bloggers teaches them how to use an equipment for video content production.


13:32: army spokesman shared a video of "Hog Tar" volunteers gathering food for Artsakh refugees.


13:51: Iranian Telegram outlet Azariha published a video showing damage done to an Iranian house near the border.

"Houses in the bordering areas were destroyed due to Baku's actions of installing its forces on the Iranian border. Instead of deploying their positions in the north-south direction, Baku forces have been deployed in the east-west direction," the Iranian channel wrote, reminding that Azerbaijan is also flying drones into Iran, in addition to deploying terrorists on the Iranian border.

Over 70 bombs fell in Iran since September 27th.

Video: https://youtu.be/g6-NcYS5Zco

Video: https://t.me/ir_Azariha/11294



14:01: a stellite photo allegedly showing Turkish Bayraktar and Israeli Elbit Herpes 900 drones parked in an airport in Yevlakh.

40°37'33.0"N 47°08'18.1"E


14:04: New York Post published an article written by the former Foreign Minister Raffi Hovannisian. "Turkey leads new atrocities against Armenians."


14:06: the Himnadram fund launched a new "50 PLUS" campaign yesterday, urging monthly donations to www.HimnaDram.org. Records show that thousands of US and Western European Armenians have already joined.

"Now is the time for the consolidation of pan-Armenian resources, when millions of Armenians stand like one fist, where the involvement of everyone is very important."


14:09: QP Party organized a group of volunteers and sent them to the southern front.


14:20: the Parliament of Catalonia has passed a resolution condemning Azerbaijan's bombings of Artsakh civilians.


14:30: Colonel Garegin Poghosyan has received the title of the National Hero for "extraordinary service and devotion".


14:59: American actor David Henrie (Reagan, Paul Blart, Mind Games, How I met Your Mother, etc.) shared a message of solidarity with Armenia.

Designer Michael Costello shared a photo of a mask featuring the Armenian flag. "I know I’m not Armenian but I am human. It is extremely painful for me to see the people of Armenia going through so much, and all my Armenian friends, families and workers have been affected by this."



15:37: former United Nations analyst Alfred Morris. "The tragedy in Nagorno-Karabakh has only one solution: the international recognition of Artsakh, just as it was done for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo."


16:15: the Armenian delegation in the EAEU trade bloc has introduced a resolution to suspend non-member Turkey's privileged access to EAEU's favorable tariff system, which was granted to some 103 developing or poorly developed countries.


16:16: legendary Azeri reporter, deputy, and generally a Swiss-army-knife-man Ibrahim had earlier published a poorly scripted video of an Armenian woman Azniv, who told the approaching Azeri soldiers they were "welcome back to their homeland".

The Red Cross has found an Armenian POW with that name and spoke with her to learn about her condition. This wouldn't be the first time Azerbaijan forces POWs to read a script for the camera. A few months earlier, a man was captured near the border and was visibly forced to read pro-Azerbaijan propaganda for a video message.




16:43: the church continues to receive donations from its branches around the world. Over a quarter-million $ raised.


17:10: ten Armenian and international artists performed in front of the Austrian Parliament for 1.5 hours to call for the official recognition of Artsakh's right to self-determination.



17:30: names of 40 deceased soldiers were identified and published. Total of 874. Later that day 26 more names were published.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1032430.html , https://news.am/arm/news/609339.html

17:34 over 60 members of the International Association of Genocide Scholars see a threat of genocide against Artsakh civilians. They condemned the aggression by Azerbaijan and Turkey and the targeting of the Shushi church.


18:02: BHK MP Melkumyan participated in a meeting organized by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, during which he raised awareness of the aggression and Azerbaijan's import of terrorists from Syria.


18:04: the following soldiers have received medals for a successful counter-attack: Major Samvel H., Captain Ishkhan K., Lieutenants Armen S., Monte. G. and Noah S.

Dozens of others have received various medals for bravery.


18:26: a group of journalists from Banak fell under an Azeri fire somewhere in the north. No injuries.


18:30: Canada has called for third countries [Turkey] not to meddle in the Artsakh conflict, and donated $300,000 to Red Cross for humanitarian activities in Artsakh.


18:59: the mayor of Fitchburg, Massachusetts expressed solidarity with Armenia. One of the city school board members lost a family member in Artsakh front lines.



19:06: Armenians held a demonstration in Jerusalem. They called for the end of arms supplies to Azerbaijan and the recognition of Artsakh.



19:15: Azeri soldier Emin Bashkhalin Zahir Oglu was captured a while ago and is receiving medical care in a hospital. He revealed details about Turkish specialists' presence in Azerbaijan and how three of them visited his unit to conduct training.

"I could tell from the way they spoke and the uniform they wore. The training course was mostly prepared by them. It lasted 10-15 days. They remained in our command centers, and without their permission, our commanders cannot make decisions."

Video: https://www.facebook.com/100004821670539/videos/1453882921449083/


19:26: Russian MoD denied reports about plans to drop Russian paratroopers in Artsakh. A media outlet earlier twisted a certain non-Kremlin official's words who said something about possibly increasing military presence in Armenia's Gyumri base.


19:29: Turkish Lira continues to dive. It hit a new record-low 7.97 per $. That's a 2% devaluation in a day. "This is unprecedented for countries with emerging market economies."


19:35 Artsakh official: there are heavy battles on the outskirts of villages Jivani and Sheker. The enemy has numerous losses. [it's 6km north-west of southern Fizuli]


19:56: the army shot down another Turkish Bayraktar drone and published the video of the remnants:



20:19: MoD Davit Tonoyan met the residents of settlements near the line of contact. "The fighting spirit of the residents is high with the determination to protect the homeland."


20:52: Norwegian MP Bjørnar Moxnes has urged the govt to end weapon and component sales to Turkey. "Norway cannot ignore the new humanitarian crisis created in Karabakh by NATO-member Turkey'."


20:54: Putin gave a press conference during which he was asked a few things about the Artsakh conflict. Some parts:

"Each side has 2k deaths. 2mln Armenians and 2mln Azeris live in Russia. Both countries have close ties with Russia. This conflict is a great tragedy for Russia."

"It is a fact that crimes were committed against Armenian civilians in Sumgayit and Karabakh when the war began. This conflict began as an ethnic conflict, not a territorial one, and we cannot ignore that."

"Russia's neutral position allows both sides to trust Russia. I speak with Pashinyan and Aliyev several times a day about possible mutual concessions around Karabakh."





21:07: Russian Interfax asked Pashinyan if he'd agree to install peacekeepers. Pashinyan said yes but Azerbaijan wants Turkish soldiers to be present, which makes it impossible.

"The issue of Karabakh's status is fundamental for us."

"Diplomatic resolution means mutual concessions. Every time Armenia agrees to concession, Azerbaijan wants even more. This has been going on for at least the past 9 years.

If Azerbaijan doesn't change its stance, it's not realistic to talk about a diplomatic solution. It's necessary to use diplomacy to change Azerbaijan's stance. I value the work done by the Minsk Group."




21:31: Armenians held a pro-Artsakh demonstration in the state of Alaska. They were joined by ethnic Greeks, Russians, and Kurds.


21:48: the president of Iran called the president of Turkey. "Terrorist groups can pose a serious threat to the region," said Rouhani.



22:00 army spokesman's briefing: throughout the day Azeris resumed the attacks across the borders. The north, center, and south were active.

In the center, as we've announced earlier today, there were battles near several settlements against groups of infiltrators. These battles continue.

In the southern front, in several locations, various Azeri groups tried to advance towards west, north, and north-west. All the advancements were stopped. In some locations, they were thrown back while sustaining heavy losses, including armored vehicles.

The main battles were with artillery. Very few infantry. Traditional airforce was used in some locations. We shot another Turkish Bayraktar drone today.

Q: Aliyev claims they have complete control of the Araks basin across the Artsakh-Iran border.

A: the battles continue in the south. There can be no word of complete control of the river basin. Just because Azeri soldiers can see the river Araks that doesn't mean it's under their complete control.

Q: Putin claims each side has 2,000 losses. Our official losses are 874.

A: obviously approximate numbers were given to the president of Russia. He couldn't say/possess precise numbers. Azerbaijan's losses are multiple times higher than ours. That's not even a question.

As I've said earlier, groups of Azeri infiltrators enter various settlements near the line of contact in an attempt to take videos, create panic, burn down buildings, etc.

I urge the local defense units to be vigilant. These infiltrator groups are usually small and escape the settlements, and do not return for a long time, after one precise strike against them. The best examples are Hadrut and Fizuli. They will try to mimic this strategy elsewhere, especially wherever there are gorges and forests.

These infiltrators advance without any serious armory, without serious support, and without their drones. Therefore an organized defense can easily neutralize them.

Remember to follow anti-COVID safety tips.



22:39: the city of Fort Lee, New Jersey, has officially recognized the independence of the Artsakh Republic, calling it a free democratic state that has been holding Parliamentary and presidential elections.

The resolution also condemns the aggression against Artsakh.



COVID stats

+5,189 tested (record). +2,306 infected (record). +568 healed. +10 deaths. 19,591 active (record).


Gagik Tsarukyan is out of jail

BHK leader Tsarukyan was under pre-trial arrest over alleged financial crimes and voter buying. The court has agreed to release him under a 100mln Dram bail.

Tsarukyan left the facility and promised to continue to contribute towards the resolution of the conflict.




$140,000,000 has been donated to Artsakh so far. It would be a shame if you turned that 40 into 69.


www.ArmeniaFund.org (tax-deductible)


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