2020 November 10

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Daily news and anti-corruption report

Nov/10/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh \\ agreement signed; Azerbaijan receives its lost territories + what's captured; Armenia keeps Lachin corridor connection; civilians to return; peacekeepers deployed; blockade to be lifted; and more \\ opposition is against \\ speech by Pashinyan & Arayik
by ar_david_hh

Your Tuesday report. 22-minute read. 5576 words.

November 10 events

Midnight: current & former officials from Artsakh & Armenia visited the government building. The Russian ambassador was present.

https://t.me/reartsakh/6272 , https://news.am/arm/news/612377.html

1:08 army: the enemy is currently using heavy artillery & many drones to target not only military but also civilian vehicles; there are civilian casualties in Stepanakert. They are preparing an attack towards Martuni direction. The Army is taking steps to control the further development of the situation.

https://t.me/infocomm/25837 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034444.html

1:21 Russian MFA: We appreciate that AZ admitted the guilt [for shooting RU helicopter]. We were assured that an investigation will be carried out, and the perpetrators will be punished.


1:57: the leaders of AM, RU, and AZ signed an agreement to end the war.

Pashinyan speech: Dear compatriots. I made an extremely difficult decision for myself and for all of us. I have signed a statement with RU and AZ on ending the Artsakh war at 01:00. The text of the statement that has already been published is unspeakably painful for me personally and for our people.

I made that decision as a result of an in-depth analysis of the military situation and the assessment by people who know the military situation best. Also based on the belief that this is the best possible solution to the current situation. I will give details in the coming days.

This is not a victory, but there is no defeat until you recognize yourself as being defeated. We will never recognize ourselves as being defeated and this should be the beginning of our era of national unification and rebirth. We need to analyze the years of our independence in order to plan our future and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

I kneel before all our martyrs. I bow to all our soldiers & volunteers who defended & are defending the homeland with their lives. They selflessly saved the Artsakh population.

We fought to the end. Artsakh is standing. Long live Armenia. Long live Artsakh.



2:25 Artsakh president Arayik: Dear Compatriots. Today we've been discussing with PM Pashinyan our actions to stop the hostilities. I held discussions beforehand with the Artsakh Parliament and received their overwhelming approval.

Given the dire situation, in order to avoid further heavy casualties & complete loss of Artsakh, I agreed to end the war. I will talk about the details later.

I extend my deepest condolences & pride to the relatives of our martyrs & to all the people. We will have time to have a dialogue with the relatives of the fallen heroes & our military about what to do. I pay tribute to all the people who made even a small contribution to the hard work of defending the Homeland.


2:37: What is the agreement about?

Artsakh used to be smaller in the 1980s. AZ tried to invade after USSR's collapse but failed. In addition to defending Artsakh, AM captured 7 adjacent AZ territories as a "buffer" zone. For years, negotiations were held on returning those regions to AZ in exchange for legal status for Artsakh, but AZ has always rejected the deals.

Today's agreement returns those adjacent territories to AZ, plus they keep whatever they captured during this war (mostly overlaps with 7 regions). Just as in the 1980s, Artsakh doesn't officially get de-jure independence but Armenians will continue to live there.

PM's office says there were false rumors circulated about the agreement. There won't be Turkish peacekeepers (Russia confirms) and there is no word about AZ gaining a small enclave it had lost near Tavush border with AM.


1) Full ceasefire. Troops remain in their positions.

2) Agdam is returned to AZ [was part of it before 90s war]

3) RU peacekeepers are stationed on borders between Artsakh and AZ, and in the Lachin corridor which connects AM to Artsakh.

4) AM troops leave as RU peacekeepers are stationed for 5 years. Their duties are automatically extended by another 5yr unless either side notifies ahead of time to end the mission.

5) A peacekeeping center is formed to monitor the operations. TR and RU experts will be there. No TR peacekeepers, only RU peacekeepers. The TR experts will be within AZ territory only.

6) Kalbajar and Lachin regions are returned to AZ [were part of it before 90s war], however, the Lachin corridor remains accessible to Armenians so they can travel from AM to Artsakh, under the protection of peacekeepers. A new road will be built for Armenians. AZ guarantees safe passage.

7) The UN oversees the safe return of refugees to Artsakh and the adjacent 7 regions.

8) POWs and bodies are exchanged.

9) All economic and transport connections in the region are unblocked. Armenia guarantees secure travel for Azeri citizens from Azerbaijan to the Nakhijevan enclave through a newly built highway, monitored by Russians.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034480.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034482.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034484.html

https://www.civilnet.am/news/2020/11/10/9-Points-Signed-by-Aliyev-Pashinyan-Putin-on-Karabakh/407092 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034522.html

2:45 Vladimir Putin: this agreement, which is fair to Armenians and Azeris, creates conditions for long-term peace.


3:00: a few hundred angry rioters broke into the government building in Yerevan. Walls, doors, and furniture were vandalized. The rioters are unhappy with the agreement.

Some wanted to "punish" Pashinyan for signing it, while others called for retaliation against the past three leaders of Armenia "for plundering resources for years instead of developing the military industry".

https://youtu.be/CNC8-J0VUjQ , https://youtu.be/8Yhehgnio_A

3:00 Ilham Aliyev: this agreement is in the best interest of AZ and AM.


3:25 Artsakh General Samvel Babayan: Hours ago, I learned about the agreement. I rushed to the government building to stop the catastrophe, but with the consent of the Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunan, the agreement was published. I assure you that even now, in these conditions, there is still hope to save our dignity.

https://t.me/reartsakh/6288 , https://t.me/infocomm/25842

3:32: video showing Russian peacekeepers headed to Artsakh. Il-76 jets to transport 2,000 troops.


3:39: LHK leader Edmon Marukyan has called for MPs and Pashinyan to appear in Parliament for a session. "We cannot endanger our internal and external security". He urged the protesters to allow MPs to enter the building.

https://t.me/infocomm/25843 , https://t.me/infocomm/25844

4:14 First Lady Anna Hakobyan: an hour ago, while in our positions, I received an urgent message to return to Armenia. I told them I won't leave until I speak with my husband (PM Pashinyan). I went to an area with telecommunication and spoke with him. He told me not to leave the positions.


4:21 Pashinyan Live on Facebook: Right now I can't reveal details while the ceasefire is being established in order not to endanger peoples' lives. If I say a few things, it will become clear for many of you about what had been happening in the past month.

Today, those who are breaking into the government building, are stubbing our soldiers from behind. One of the opposition politicians who demands my resignation, who is a General, routed from his positions on Sunday and returned to Armenia. Today he claims "we stand with the army."

I'm convinced that many of the angry protesters are honest and have good intentions. There are many of them. Some of them are families of fallen soldiers. I bow to them.

Today I was briefed that among the rioters there were groups of oligarchs. These are the people who stole from the soldier for 20 years, who stole from the army for 20 years, who paid no taxes for 20 years. Today they speak about "treason".

What business do they have in Yerevan? Haven't they heard the calls by the Artsakh president to come to aid? What are they doing in Yerevan with a camouflage outfit? Now is the right opportunity for them to defend what they had plundered, evidently.

Do you know why the rioters were able to freely break into the government building? Because every policeman and riot police are defending the front lines. My son is also in the front lines, and so is my wife. And I'm proud of that.

I understand that you expect a substantive and detailed explanation right now. But why can't I give it to you right now? because there is a problem with information dissonance, every sentence during martial law and war has an impact on activities on front lines. The Facebook posts reach the front lines and the enemy positions very quickly. That's why I can't reveal many details today.

But I want you to understand one thing. The decision [agreement] was made by analyzing the military situation and consulting with experts who know the situation the best. Our glorious army fought against terrorists, NATO's second army TR, and AZ.

Why couldn't we sign a better agreement? Because for 25 years we [refers to the former regime] made toasts for our soldiers and drank from bottles while knowing that the bottles were purchased with money stolen from the same soldier. We gave soldiers leftover food and weapons from 1980s while hoping all along that a war would not happen by stretching the negotiations just a bit longer.

Okay. You hoped there wouldn't be a war for 5, 6, 15 years. But for how long? It would have to happen sooner or later. And I learned about its inevitability when I became PM and familiarized myself with what I inherited on the negotiating table. There was no longer an option to delay things. All options were exhausted.

And I did what I could do prepare us for the past 2.5 years. Our army has been fighting with honor for 44 days. I kneel before all martyrs and their families. I apologize to them for not being able to do better. The agreement was signed not only based on the current situation but also on what could happen if the war continued.

Don't fall for the actions of the hooligans, some of whom have felony cases against them for stealing 80 billion. That stolen money is more than what All Armenia Fund has collected in donations. That stolen money could have been used for weapons, technology, drone, science.

And today these oligarchs incite riots so they can restore their right to plunder. I admit that we haven't been able to recover enough stolen funds in the past 2.5 years because we tried to act legally.

I regret being unable to give you more details about the agreement because the situation is still unstable on the front lines. We cannot cause harm right now. I understand your emotions but we'll have an opportunity to speak in more detail. No one will escape justice, including me, if I'm guilty.

I want you to know that I and the whole governmental apparatus did everything possible to avoid this outcome. Why did we fail? We will discuss that in detail and reveal the context soon.

All the organizers of today's riots will be held accountable. We cannot allow chaos. Some of them went to a front line briefly, took a Facebook photo, then escaped and came back when the battles began. Don't join them.

I serve all of you. Have no doubt that I acted in your best interest all along.


https://t.me/infocomm/25849 , https://t.me/infocomm/25850

4:49: Parliament Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan was heavily beaten by rioters. He is undergoing surgery in a hospital. QP leader Lilith Matunts's office was trashed.

Rioters gathered in Parliament and demanded the country's rule be handed over to Onik Gasparyan, Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces.



https://news.am/arm/news/612405.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034453.html , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rz8Ip_FxS1c

5:19: soldiers from Artsakh released a video, urging the rioters to stop. "We need all of you here to defend the border. We ask and demand you to come here. By rioting, you're placing us in worse positions. The war isn't there, it's here."


5:32 Pashinyan: to all the citizens who are not affiliated with the violent rioters, please go home. To anyone who believes us, please prepare for a struggle. Have no doubt that there was no conspiracy against you. In these difficult times, we must stand together against the thieves and plunderers.


5:46 Pashinyan about the beating of Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan: Mirzoyan is the type of man who accepted the agreement with tears in his eyes. Everyone in our team did. And some animals attack Mirzoyan and his child? An animal who probably couldn't beat anyone without repercussions for 2 years so they found an opportunity. They won't get away with this.

To anyone who understands what's happening, I call for you to prepare for revenge. Yes, we didn't deal properly with these corrupt oligarchs in time. All those HHK, BHK thieves, that traitor who left the position and routed.

The [lists ex-oligarchs] who plundered and now they think their time has arrived? They are wrong. It's the time for citizen's revenge. Do the traitors think they can leave the burden of them selling the country on us? Not a chance.

We will go after the riot organizers, one by one. We will go after specifically the corrupt segment of ARF (Dashnaks), too. We will organize a rally soon. And those who sold the country for money, those who think they can slip away under this chaos, are mistaken. Your mansions, built with stolen money, will be returned to people. We passed a new asset forfeiture law that went into effect in September.

If you're against the criminal bandits, speak up. We have governors who are protecting borders while suffering from pneumonia and COVID, while today's chubby rioters weren't going there to substitute them. This is the story.


6:41: a group of rioters tried to break into Azatutyun media headquarters to steal the servers and deprive them of the ability to broadcast.


6:56: several opposition politicians met Onik Gasparyan, Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces [highest-ranking militaryman]. The rioters were earlier demanding Onik to take over the power. "We will soon release a statement," said the opposition parties.


7:40 Pashinyan: [About rumors he has fled Armenia]. Of course, I am in Armenia and I continue to fully fulfill my duties as the Prime Minister. The looters who broke into my residence building stole a laptop, a watch, a perfume, and a Driver's License… all "for the homeland", of course.

https://t.me/infocomm/25885 , https://www.facebook.com/nikol.pashinyan/

8:06 Heritage Party (Zharangutyun): the agreement has caused a shockwave in the public. The majority do not support it. We urge people not to break into buildings. For Prime Minister, the only solution was to sign the agreement, but the 9 points in the agreement are unacceptable for people, so we need to take a different route. We urge all political parties and military leadership to create a defense committee.


8:19 the Army and Defense Ministry released a statement: Dear compatriots. A war was waged against Artsakh beginning September 27th. It was unprecedented because our army was fighting not only against AZ, but also against TR's direct involvement, and several thousand hired terrorists.

Under these conditions, our army has done everything possible and impossible to resist. Every Private and Officer has done everything they could and had many instances of heroic fights. This war has taken the best of our boys, who will be forever remembered as real heroes.

There should be no doubt that the army has done everything possible and impossible. We proved once again that we have unbreakable fighters who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the defense of their homeland.

But It's time to end the bloodshed. The leadership of AM, AZ, and RU came to an agreement, the content of which you are familiar with.

We will follow the orders of the military-government and defend their decision [agreement], which was made after consulting and analyzing the situation from all angles. We must end the bloodshed. We must find the bodies of all fallen soldiers and properly bury them. We must take care of their mothers.

We must improve the potential of our army and turn it into a hyper-modern and combat-ready fist. The war continues. The army has done its duty and will continue to do so.

We call on you to refrain from actions that could undermine the foundations of statehood, to learn from all possible mistakes, and to build an incomparably strong and efficient army that our nation deserves.


8:30 BHK MP Zohrabyan: we need 25 QP MPs to hold a Parliamentary session. They can't come if their safety isn't guaranteed. I urge the [rioters] to leave the Parliament building. Parliament is the place where decisions are made. [referring to the idea of Parliament possibly revoking Pashinyan's signature under the agreement].


8:37 Armenia's President Sarkissian: I learned from the press that an agreement was signed between AM, AZ, RU to end the war. I also learned from the press about the condition. Unfortunately, there was no discussion with me about this document.

The fate of Artsakh can be resolved only by taking into account our national interests & on the basis of a national consensus. I immediately initiated political consultations to coordinate the solutions arising from our national defense agenda.

As the President, in this critical moment of national preservation, I consider the formation of national unity to be my current mission. I hope that in 10 days we will all be able to build such unity, in which case I will consider that I have used the opportunities to serve my homeland.

https://t.me/infocomm/25887 , https://infocom.am/Article/40850

9:17 Serj Tankian: we are all saddened that the international community didn't help in a time when we were fighting against mercenaries and injustice. The diasporans must work hard to introduce sanctions against TR & AZ for war crimes.


9:50 Artsakh President Arayik: I mentioned on November 8th that it was one of the heaviest dawns of my life. Why? Because On November 7th we lost control of Shushi. Today was the hardest day. We were forced to make the decision we made.

From a military standpoint, after 43 days we had lost the Fizuli region, Jabrayil, Kubatlu, Zangelan (all south), most of Hadrut region, a portion of Martuni and Askeran regions, and most importantly Shushi.

The battles were just 3km from the capital Stepanakert. If it continued, we would lose all of Artsakh within a matter of days. We would have significantly more casualties; many soldiers could find themselves encircled in the north-east.

It appeared for several days that we managed to defend against the drones, but in the past few days the enemy - perhaps with the use of new technology - was able to resume the attacks. We sustained big losses. We had a big loss of manpower yesterday near Martuni.

We knew that our army had that weakness. Anyone who had been in power in the past few decades knew the weaknesses.

The soldiers' morale wasn't very good towards the end. In some locations the situation was bad; they suffered from illnesses. Many hadn't received care for 43 days due to constant fight. Nonetheless, they were able to resist the armed forced of 8 states. It wasn't just AZ. It wasn't just TR special forces. There were terrorists and mercenaries from other countries. I bow to our soldiers. The most heroic soldiers in the world.

We had to sign the agreement to save those boys. I made multiple calls for help. We began losing Shushi from November 5th to November 7th. We didn't want to believe that the battles were over. For a while, we tried to negotiate to stop the war but it was impossible.

Everything is ahead of us. Artsakh and Armenia have had many bad days in our history. We will have the opportunity to make better decisions. For that, we need internal peace. We have opportunities to make civilized decisions. Everything is ahead of us, I won't open all the parenthesis, but everything is ahead of us.

I began consultations with Artsakh politicians and military leaders. Everyone is ready to cooperate. I met ARF Vitaly Balasanyan, Bako Sahakyan, Levon Mnatsakanyan, etc. from all parties. We all agreed that we will make decisions together. More details about these consultations later.

Thank you, I love you.


10:16: video of Russian peacekeepers moving from Armenia to Artsakh


11:56 Pashinyan about past negotiations: why was there no public discussion about the agreement before I signed it? Because if it was rejected we would have a worse situation in front lines than we already had.

Had we came public while the war was still ongoing, that would also reveal our own weaknesses to the opponent. And if the opponent found out our weakness and refused to sign that agreement, they would get an advantage.

Re: why the military and I decided to stop the war.

We had problems that could not be solved. Some resources were exhausted. For example, we encountered cases when the regiment was supposed to move for combat purposes, but the local residents did not allow the cars to leave. We have had dozens of such cases. As a result, there was a problem with delivering equipment to the front line. This has led to serious consequences. In some cases, there was a tough intervention.

We have an active army, and if necessary, citizens are involved through mobilization. The experience showed that people from civilian life, unfortunately, are not so ready to take a full part in hostilities. They quickly lose combat effectiveness. As a result, problems arise. Not all, of course, we've had heroic fighters.

There was some desertion that was impossible to deal with. The good fighters many times didn't have a suitable replacement for over a month while they needed to rest. The consequences would be worse had the war not stopped.

Was the war inevitable?

There was one way: give the 5 adjacent regions without a legal status for Artsakh. That's what was on the table for decades. For 25 years we were unable to clarify what the "status" meant. AZ insisted that it had to be within the context of territorial integrity while we wanted otherwise. It was never properly clarified.

The negotiations were essentially about giving lands. That's what we inherited at the negotiating table. Since the idea of Status was never seriously defined, over time, even the OSCE chairs had a consensus that we should give the lands first, then talk about the Status. This is what the 2016 war was about. It was clear things couldn't have been dragged any longer.

Starting in 2018 my administration tried to make changes in the negotiating table to clarify Artsakh's Status and make it as much of a priority as giving lands to AZ.

Did we know there could be war? Yes, and we began preparing. The July showed we could defend ourselves but TR intervened and our army began fighting 3 armies. Our army fought with unimaginable heroism. Eventually, the army leadership asked us to stop the war to avoid bigger losses.

Before the war, I had an option to give 5 regions to Azerbaijan "in exchange for peace". No legal status would be determined for Artsakh. I chose not to give away the lands. Imagine if I came to you in 2019 and asked if you would agree to give away the lands. You would have told me "no". You would want to fight to defend it. That's what we did.

The war was looking favorable at some point and the army and all of us thought we could make a breakthrough and change the turn of events. But at some point, it became evident that we couldn't. That's when we had to stop the war to avoid further losses. Before the war, it was losing 5 regions, during the war it would be 7 regions.

If we purely compare what we have now, versus what we could have in 2019 had we given away the 5 regions in exchange for peace, then yes, we would be in a better position. But how many of you would believe in 2019 that giving away 5 regions and no Status was the right option at the time? Not many of you, including myself.

Of course, I carry responsibility for the situation. But if I look back, those giveaway options were unrealistic in 2019.

We took steps to modernize the army. Maybe not all steps were effective; we could do A instead of B, but the army was at the center of our attention. We took steps to fight corruption and improve tax collection to aid the army.

We need to learn lessons for the future. We have to focus on improving Armenia and Artsakh now. We did not kneel. We fell after standing until the end.






12:47: WarGonzo and soldiers published a video from the outskirts of Shushi. A group of 100 Armenian soldiers remain in Shushi (where the giant cross is) as of signing the agreement. They appear to be cornered near the edge. [It appears the city "fell" on November 6/7 but some soldiers continued to fight for it, while the rest pulled back to defend Stepanakert. That's just speculation by me.]


12:49: Artsakh Security Council General Samvel Babayan criticized president Arayik and PM Pashinyan for accepting the agreement, and resigned.


12:57 Russian peacekeeping chief: AZ has agreed to stop the war. There is also consent from AM, at least by the Prime Minister, but we have to make sure that there is at least a relative consensus within AM.

AM must show that it's ready to fulfill its part of its commitment under this trilateral agreement. Only then will RU peacekeepers be effective.


13:06: protesters gathered in front of the Parliament building. They want the cancellation of the agreement.


13:39: army identified and published names of 81 soldiers who had died in battles. Total identified: 1302.


14:57: Artsakh president Arayik has invited Armenian opposition and ruling parties to Artsakh for discussions.


15:03: the 17 opposition parties will hold a mass rally tomorrow. They accuse Pashinyan of treason; some demand resumption of war to get better terms. Others criticized that they weren't briefed about the agreement ahead of time, or that it wasn't made publicly available sooner [Pashinyan mentioned the reasons during the Livestream above].

The police reminded them about the existing Emergency Situation that prohibits mass rallies.

First president Levon Ter-Petrosyan urged the political parties and public figures to respect the law and not to worsen the situation by creating a civil war.

An opposition figure is baffled that "Pashinyan still receives so much support and likes on Facebook during his live streams and posts."

https://news.am/arm/news/612496.html , https://news.am/arm/news/612490.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034511.html , https://news.am/arm/news/612568.html

16:00: a soldier who claims to have fought in Shushi says that General Seyran Ohanyan escaped Shushi and left everyone fight alone. "We kept fighting for three days after they left". [there are rumors that part of the army decided to retreat and defend Stepanakert or possibly return to Armenia, while the rest stayed to fight for Shushi.]

https://www.facebook.com/titan.asatryan/posts/3459322060821461 , https://t.me/reartsakh/6312

16:10 Vladimir Putin: We should support Prime Minister Pashinyan and President Aliyev in their determination to create conditions for the peaceful development of the situation in the region and make a decision in favor of building long-term relations between the Armenian and Azerbaijani peoples.

I am very pleased to note the mutual compromise and the agreements reached to stop the bloodshed. I hope that all the recent steps we have taken will lead to the establishment of lasting peace.

https://news.am/arm/news/612507.html , https://news.am/arm/news/612503.html

16:51 President of Georgia: I congratulate our friends AM and AZ on the end of the tragic war. A new era is beginning in the Caucasus. Together we can start a new phase of cooperation between GE, AM, and AZ.


16:55: Iran has welcomed the peace deal. "Negotiations and a political solution can end the long-running Karabakh conflict. We're willing to help Russia to deploy peacekeepers."


17:20 French President Office: we are examining the peace deal. Armenia's interests must be taken into account in any long-term agreement. Armenian refugees must be able to return and live in good conditions.

Turkey must stop provocations in the region and refrain from any action that could jeopardize the agreement.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034500.html , https://news.am/arm/news/612530.html

18:24 opposition LHK chief Marukyan: it's clear Armenia needs new leadership. We need protests and a movement. So I spoke with the General Chief of Staff of the army about removing the Emergency Order (to allow mass rallies) but he convinced me not to, after presenting some info from front lines. Not all hostilities are over yet. He needs at least 7 days. We will present a bill to remove the Emergency Order next week.


19:20 (video): WarGonzo reporter released a video showing AM soldiers capturing and treating a wounded AZ soldier (who was carrying AM documents) near Shushi/Stepanakert. The troops are stationed on immediate outskirts, waiting for RU peacekeepers' arrival.

ANNA reporter: after the ceasefire, Armenians decided to extract 3 bodies from the battlefield. When they tried to approach, the AZ opened fire from Shushi. The AM used a white flag to indicate a humanitarian movement. Whey approached the scene and discovered a very large group of AZ soldiers who died from a Smerch bomb.

Among them was a wounded AZ who began resisting the AM. He was told not to worry about the knife; it was for cutting the pants and not the neck. He relaxed when a RU man [ANNA reporter] approached. The AZ soldier said they've been fighting there for 5 days without food. He spent 2 days laying wounded.

Semyon Pegov: the large AZ group that was killed by missile strikes tried to reach Stepanakert through the Shushi road. [shows the area]. Here is the hill where AM showed resistance [shows the hill at 12:10 mark)

Armenian soldiers: AZ used a whole brigade (3k people) to attack but these 300-400 men defended the capital. These are hero boys. We named this hill Avetis.

Video depicts blood: https://youtu.be/H0QGFeqlS94

ANNA reporter published photos from the scenes where wounded AZ soldiers were saved near Shushi.


WarGonzo published a photo of the list of AZ soldiers who tried to move from Shushi to Stepanakert but were pinned down then destroyed with Smerch missiles. There were 150 soldiers. A list was found with their details. "Not many survived."

Photos: https://t.me/anna_news/9560

19:34: president Sarkissian met the representatives of political parties


20:27: fake images were circulated claiming Armenians were burning down Shushi in order not to give it to AZ.


20:49 deputy PM Avinyan interview: I assure you that Russia has done what it could while remaining a Minsk co-chair. We have no complaints. However, the aid that TR provided to AZ [weapon and manpower] was beyond our army leadership's predictions and calculations.

The suggestions made by our opposition parties were not logical from a military standpoint. They suggested the creation of a security committee, while we already had multiple military bodies. The creation of another one would not have added the number of artilleries we had or reduce the enemy's drones.

The army did its duties, and everyone tried to help them, be it local or federal governments.

https://t.me/infocomm/25976 , https://t.me/infocomm/25979

21:26: the EU will consider additional sanctions against Turkey if it breaks the ceasefire between AM and AZ.


21:23: Artsakh's opposition parties (mostly pro-Kocharyan & ARF) have called for President Arayik Harutyunyan's resignation, and urged the Armenian government not to take divisive steps. They support the Armenian opposition's calls for the government's resignation.


21:50: six rioters have been arrested and charged with beating down the Parliament Speaker and actions related to the "forceful seizure of power".

Deputy PM Avinyan: time will come and we'll talk about who is to blame and who is responsible, and if necessary, the government will leave, but any coup attempt now will receive a harsh response. All the political circles that are trying to fish in murky waters should know that there won't be tolerance or "velvet" in this regard.


22:12 MoD Tonoryan interview: the situation is calm right now. RU peacekeepers are already in Artsakh. They're moving from Goris and Lachin to Stepanakert, then to the rest of the Line of Contact.

[about weapon supplies during the war] The geographical situation was as such that we operated in, you could say, a total blockade in regards to military equipment deliveries. What was done to supply weapons was heroic.

We mobilized the troops to the best of our ability. Conscripts, generals, reservists, volunteers. We fought against a much larger army. We were equipped, but our resources were far smaller. Our troops are better experienced now.

https://t.me/infocomm/25989 , https://t.me/infocomm/25992 , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1034533.html

COVID stats

+3050 tested. +1221 infected. +29 deaths. +1925 healed. 39831 active.


You can help Artsakh & Armenia

www.1000plus.am (soldiers' medical help)

www.HimnaDram.org (for Artsakh & Armenia)

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Link to original report and comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/armenia/comments/jrsq70/nov102020_wrapup_war_in_artsakh_agreement_signed/?

Disclaimer: All the accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law, even if they may sound as being guilty. Currency in Armenian Drams ֏ unless specified otherwise. Helpful overview of Armenia's media ownership and leanings.

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