2019 July 30

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Anti-Corruption Daily

Anti-Corruption & News - Jul/30/2019:: Kocharyan judge charged in 2 counts of forgery & coverup; Full details released ::: Manvel assets; Bail hearing ::: Qarahunch ::: Sanitek ::: Sevan ::: Food inspection ::: Neighborhood ::: More stories
by ar_david_hh

Disclaimer: All the accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law, even if they may sound as being guilty. Currency in Armenian Drams unless specified otherwise.

Armenia will participate in the first Caspian Economic Forum held in Turkmenistan. Deputy PM Mher Grigoryan (1) and several ministers will be present.


1 bronze medal by Moses Aghekyan from the Chemistry Olympiad held in France. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/983225.html

Someone blew up an ATM machine and stole 18mln in cash but they can't use it because the money has an anti-theft paint on it.


Azerbaijan is still looking for the MiG-29 fighter jet that crashed last week. They will bring Turkish experts. An Azeri military analyst and a (former?) military-man U. Jafarov says it's possible that Russia was using a jamming device which may have caused the crash. Such jammer was used in past and NATO complained about it. Jafarov says Russia has offered the black boxes to be sent to Moscow for examination when they are found, but the offer should be rejected because Azerbaijan cannot trust Russia with an impartial examination.


Japanese ambassador Jun Yamada met the Nature Minister Grigoryan (2), and offered help with fighting algae growth in Sevan lake. Japanese Biwa lake faced a similar problem in past and Japan thinks they can help with their expertise. They discussed wider nature protection issues.


The fight against illegal logging continues. The nature protection police stopped and towed a car transporting 3.2 m3 illegally cut trees.


The ancient megalithic stone structure Qarahunch is at the center of a debate between two scientific camps.

One camp says it was an old astronomical sight used for looking at the stars because there are holes in the stones. the other camp says it's an old grave and that some of the holes are near the ground and point downwards, which wouldn't make sense in terms of watching stars.

The scientists decided to form a joint examination team to finally answer the age old question (liberals and conservatives unite).


Yesterday, Yerevan mayor got mad at Sanitek garbage collector company again for not doing the work properly. Today, Sanitek released a statement saying they are being treated unfairly and that their upcoming press conference will be held in Tbilisi instead of Yerevan, because they're are afraid of their shareholders being "charged illegally". This has caused a "WTF?" moment among the public. Several hours later Sanitek changed their mind and said they'll will hold the event in Yerevan.

Lebanese firm Sanitek has been the exclusive garbage company sine 2014, until in 2019 Yerevan municipality decided to do some of the garbage collection due to company's inability to handle it all. Eventually 2 new private firms will be introduced.

Sanitek has been fined multiple times for not doing its contract duties. The city has a legal contract with them, which was signed several years ago through an auction process that involved the use of a fake company to make it look as if Saitek had a competitor. One of their branches was registered as a second dummy competitor company.

The company said their had some oral agreements with the former mayor Taron Margaryan (unclear what exactly), but the new mayor Hayk Marutyan decided to work with them only through written contracts.

Yerevan municipality's Luys opposition has blamed Nikol Pashinyan for the garbage situation.

http://panarmenian.net/m/arm/news/271547 - - - https://www.lragir.am/2019/07/30/463755/ - - - https://www.lragir.am/2019/07/30/463738/ --- Auction https://armenpress.am/arm/news/943409/

Yerevan municipality has brought 2 more garbage trucks to compensate for Sanitek's shortcomings https://factor.am/171421.html

It turns out the IRS had launched a tax evasion investigation against Sanitek in February 22, 2019. No specific individual is charged yet. (is this what Sanitek meant by saying they're afraid their officials might get charged?)


Food inspectors are out for a hunt in butcheries. The butcher locations that were checked in Kapan city met the sanitary requirements. One butchery was shut down in Gyumri market. As of right now, they all have a running water, refrigerator, other sanitary norms.

Beginning 2020, the law will require meat sellers to specify which butchery it originated from.


Food inspectors have found that Galima dairy delivery firm signed a contract to deliver milk and plain yogurt to a nursing home, but was delivering a low quality product with fake ingredients. The company has been given 1 day to fix it.


Update: Gndevaz former mayor was earlier charged with abusing his powers to sell large public lands to his son for dirt cheap, then having his son sell it later for higher price. 147mln in damage was done, 50mln was recovered. The investigators have recovered another 20mln.


IRS has asked the court to unfreeze 1.02bln worth assets belonging to general Manvel Tushonka Grigoryan (3), so it can be confiscated. The asset in question is Grigoryan's Ara & Aytsemnik Inc. Grigoryan is charged with multi-billion tax evasion, in addition to theft.

The court made a verdict to unfreeze the assets.

https://factor.am/171228.html - - - https://factor.am/171307.html

The court rejected Manvel's 25mln bail offer. He'll stay in jail https://armenpress.am/arm/news/983311.html

Update: judge Davit Grigoryan (4), who would later give a verdict to free Kocharyan, had a document forgery case filed against him earlier this year, few months before Kocharyan's trial.

Prosecutors have released a statement with more details:

The incident happened in September 14, 2018. In order to claim that he met the legal requirement of launching a certain trial within the mandated time window (by Sep 11), the judge, being located outside of the court house, used the help of his secretary to falsify legal paperwork to claim he launched the case on time and that it was delayed only because the plaintiff and prosecutors didn't appear in court. The falsified documents claimed that the plaintiff and prosecutors were properly notified to arrive, while in reality they weren't.

He then falsified another similar trial records in a similar fashion, on the same day.

To cover up his tracks, the judge didn't use the computer system to record the events, and instead used plain paper for it, even though the examination showed that the computers & audio recording systems were working fine. End of prosecutor note.

The Supreme Court Council yesterday found the accusations credible and suspended the judge in order to allow a criminal case against him to proceed. The judge is now facing 2 felony forgery charges.

The Supreme Court Council also found that the investigators don't have the right to prevent the judge from entering his office because legally it's the same as his apartment. Council asked the police to remove the barriers from the door.

https://factor.am/171182.html - - https://factor.am/171214.html - - https://factor.am/171318.html

(1) (2) (3) (4) people with the last name Grigoryan in today's thread.

Link to original report: https://www.reddit.com/r/armenia/comments/cjx5rm/anticorruption_news_jul302019_kocharyan_judge/

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