2019 August 7

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Anti-Corruption Daily

Anti-Corruption & News - Aug/7/2019::: March 1st murders; Leaked & Purged & Recovered documents ::: Former IRS agents busted; former PM ::: Yerevan ::: Economy & Tourism & Drugs stats ::: Domestic Abuse ::: Infrastructure ::: Water cleanup bust ::: Phone roaming prices to lower ::: Other stories
by ar_david_hh

Disclaimer: All the accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law, even if they may sound as being guilty. Currency in Armenian Drams unless specified otherwise.

Assyrian-Armenians have gathered in Yerevan to pay respects to the victims of the 1915 Genocides. They gather on August 7th of every year. Around 3 million Assyrians live across the world.


Tourists on Mt. Aragats


Kyrgyz authorities stripped the former president of immunity few months ago. He is accused of corruption deal, appropriation of power, illegally freeing a criminal. The former president said he won't be taken easily. His supporters gathered around the house and installed barricades. Today the special forces stormed the residence, shots were fired, riot police utilized to disperse the supporters. One officer died. The fate of president is unknown.


Team Gegharquniq has won several medals in the pan-Armenian Olympics.



Yerevan municipality's QP councilman has criticized the practice of relying on welfare and not seeking work, saying that the municipality recently begun hiring garbage collector truck operators with 200k-290k salary and benefits, but so far foreign workers from India are the ones applying for the jobs.



Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Zaruhi Batoyan has criticized "Kamq" (pro-church, anti-gay) organization members for "unprofessional conduct" and personal insults directed towards her during a meeting to discuss the Istanbul Convention, which regulates procedures to reduce domestic abuse against women. She also criticized the church's youth wing, the organizers of the meeting, for allowing the incident to continue and for continuing to cooperate with the Kamq organization "which spreads hatred and doesn't follow Christian values", said Batoyan.


Domestic abuse stats for 1H19. 274 new criminal cases filed, bringing total number of cases being investigated to 331. 209 people were charged. 135 of the charged are husbands, 3 wives, 23 children, the rest committed by other family members.


Yerevan municipality has released a map showing where the city's first street bike lanes will be. The first section is ready. Mayor Marutyan has long advocated that the city should be prioritized for public transport, pedestrians and cycling, and not the cars as it is right now.


The weight of cargo transported in Armenia through road and air, import + export + internal Armenian transport + other countries transporting something through Armenia, has reduced by 57% in 1H19 vs 1H18.

67% drop in cargo weight transported by cars. 38% increase through air transport. Pipeline transport (?) rose by 3%.


Economic activity rose 6.5% in 1H19 vs 1H18. Services industry up 15.3%. Trade is up 8.9%. Industrial production up 6.9%. Construction up 4.7%. Agriculture and electricity production down 7.4% and 5.5% respectively. Salaries up 5.6%, consumer prices up 2%.


Passenger traffic in airports up by 16.7% for July-2019 vs July-2018. Up by 11% for 1H19 vs 1H18.

1.69 million people used the airports this year so far.


January-August of 2019 vs 2018: 65.6mln more sales receipts were printed. 170bln more trade became visible to IRS. (printing receipts prevents the businesses from hiding the income from IRS and has been a major topic by the Pashinyan administration.)


In 2019, local and federal governments invested 23.2bln on various programs in provinces. Money was spent on repairing 234km provincial roads, drinking water system construction or repair for 58 settlements, irrigation system build or repair for 37, kindergarten build or repair for 42, energy efficient lighting for 58, build or repair important buildings in 53, gas pipe build or repair in 15, anti-hail system for 23, parks for 24.


Stroke surgery became free in February-2019. 180 have received such care. 151's lives were saved. 29 died.


Stats about drug busts in Armenia. Lots of graphs:


The water committee was observing a cleanup of a water canal, presumably related to lake Sevan. A company was tasked with the cleanup. This company hired a worker and signed a contract with him in 2017. Investigators have found that this worker left the country and could not have cleaned up the canal, but the documents were falsified to claim the job was done. Several people will be charged with forgery.


Cell phone roaming rates between Armenian and Artsakh will become cheaper, after telecom regulators agreed to make a 1-year agreement to gradually reduce fees beginning 2020.

2 cell phone operators have already reduced some fees since August 1st. Instead of 45 Drams, calling will be 38 while receiving 25 Drams. SMS went from 60 to 40 Drams.

Outgoing calls will become 30% cheaper. Incoming calls to be 45% cheaper. Some internet services to be 65% cheaper. SMS will become 75% cheaper.


IRS has launched a felony investigation against its former employees. They are accused of knowingly causing a financial harm to the state in 2017-2018 by purchasing 25,000 cashier registers from a company at prices significantly above the market value.

Hetq outlet report says the cash registers were purchased at a 70% higher price, and that the dealer in Armenia is related to former HHK PM Karen Karapetyan and former IRS chief Vardan Harutyunyan.



European Court for Human Rights has accepted the Armenian Constitutional Court's petition seeking advice whether the law that Kocharyan is being charged with is legal or not. They'll expedite its hearing.


The government has finalized the amount of financial support March 1st victims will receive. Murder victim relatives (10) to receive 30mln ($63,000), serious body injury 15mln, medium body injury 5mln.


"BBC Russia" outlet says they obtained some details about the March 1st case. It is about what the investigators believe happened, and some interrogation transcripts.

General Samvel "Oganovski" Karapetyan is the suspected leader of the military group that opened fire on the protesters. During a 4-hour interview in August-2018, he admitted bringing soldiers to Yerevan and stationing them in the basement of the government building. He denies giving orders to shoot at people.

Kocharyan and Sargsyan later visited these troops while in basement. Investigators say during various meetings with soldiers, they were asked if they would be psychologically ready to open fire at the crowd if instructed, for which they responded positively. This is the group that ended up shooting at the protesters, say investigators. General Karapetyan denies asking soldiers if they are willing to shoot at crowd.

Oligarchs Gagik Tsarukyan and Lfik Samo were suspected of supplying various forms of aid to this military unit. Tsarukyan's representative allegedly went to the basement and distributed money to the soldiers. Both of them have denied any involvement in March 1st.

Seda Safaryan, a former member of a team tasked with investigating March 1st, says this isn't news to her, and that several witnesses have confirmed the story. She says a group of 60 people were deployed by the general, consisted of soldiers, former soldiers and even NSS members.

NSS chief Arthur Vanetsyan yesterday said that the agency has recovered some of the purged documents that the NSS agents loyal to the HHK administration tried to purge during the 2018 transition of the government. The recovered documents have been sent to SIS to be attached to the March 1st case.







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