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Anti-Corruption Daily

Anti-Corruption Dec/20/2018: /// Two hospital managers and staff members charged with subsidy embezzlement, document forgery /// NSS currently examining 250bln worth transactions // 15,000 healthcare workers to receive free healthcare // more below...
by ar_david_hh

Disclaimer: All the accused are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. Currency in Armenian Drams unless specified otherwise.


Serj's nephew Narek "Gonzalez" Sargysan was recently apprehended by INTERPOL in Prague, and is awaiting a deportation to Armenia.

He is wanted for ordering his 4 bodyguards to kidnap a businessman and force him to give up the idea of creating a night club, which would become a competitor.

Sargsyan's 4 bodyguards were arrested earlier, and the prosecutors have just sent their files to court.



The judge has agreed to release Manvel Grigoryan with a 25mln bail because of health issues. He is charged with possession of illegal weapons, theft of state property, military food and other products. He will await for his trial outside of cell. The defense team argued that Grigoryan could die if kept under the NSS detention. A medical examination had earlier found pre-cancerous warning signs, diabetes and several other problems.



There are 193 liquid gas providing mobile stations in Yerevan. Authorities have discovered that 63 of them are not properly registered in the "potential public hazard" database. 45 of them did not go through safety checks. 12 did not disclose their work to IRS.

60 administrative actions were launched. 32 individuals penalized for 35mln. IRS investigating the 12. Criminal cases launched against 4.



PM Pashinyan will be questioned by a judge on February 2019, in a case involving an armed attacked against him and his Yelq alliance rally members that took place in 2017. He will be questioned as a witness. Pashinyan called the police and recorded a video after the 2017 event. Video below...



2019 Yerevan municipal budget will have 2bln more income from new sources. 4.5bln in expenditures was cut through optimizations. No administrative cuts were made to the transportation branch despite some reports.

They're working with a British company around the transport reforms. International contract signing can take half a year, says the deputy mayor.

https://armenpress.am/arm/news/959036.html ---- https://armenpress.am/arm/news/959037.html


Mayor Hayk Marutyan says they need 2-4 years to completely reform the transportation system. The system is in a miserable state, many buses and micro buses are in bad shape, because of lack of investments by private route operators, due to the fact that the previous city administration constantly promised they'd change the system by giving different dates but not actually reforming anything. This atmosphere of uncertainty made the route operators not to invest on improvements because they didn't know what would happen to their business a year later.



Mayor Marutyan says he has negotiated with Sanitek garbage plant and they have agreed that a second company is needed to handle the work. A contract, signed years earlier, gave Sanitek the exclusive right to collect trash, which they have been unable to do on a timely manner. Marutyan says the dispute won't reach the courts because of this agreement. https://armenpress.am/arm/news/959059.html


Singer Aram MP3 will be drafted to military as a reserve personal, says the singer. He is a doctor by profession and has the rank of a lieutenant.



The new Christmas Tree lights up in Yerevan's main square. It replaces the decades old one. Costed 22mln for the tree, 36mln for lights, 10mln decoration, 2mln installation. It's reusable.

The 71mln cost was used from a 600mln fund that was saved by optimizing some of the Erebuni-2800 festivals. Because the tree and its decorations are reusable, it will save 20mln every year on upkeep, compared to the old tree. In 4 years, 20mln cash will literally grow on its branches. You can collect some by reading a poem to Dzmer Pap.

VIDEO https://youtu.be/taZhIbou81k?t=8

https://hetq.am/hy/article/99458 ----- https://armenpress.am/arm/news/959061.html ----- http://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/151149


Vaccines may or may not cause autism, but lack of vaccines will cause cancer. You pick your battle wisely my friend!

HPV (Human papillomavirus infection) is an infection that may infect people who are sexually active. Recently, it was discovered that it significantly increases ovarian cancer risks among women. Vaccination campaign was launched in Armenia on 2017, which was met with a resistance by anti-vaccers.

Pashinyan, then opposition MP, participated in a Parliamentary meeting that investigated the vaccinations, and announced he didn't see anything wrong. This year, the first lady announced that she and her girls will receive the vaccination.

The vaccines are used in 100 countries today. In those countries, HVP has been defeated by 90%, while the cancer in female reproductive organs went down 40%.

HVP is also the cause of 50% of penis cancers, 80% of throat and anus cancer. Annually, over 250 Armenian women can avoid HVP-caused cancers if they receive the vaccines.



EU leadership (Donald Tusk and Jan Claude Junker) congratulates Pashinyan with the parliamentary victory. They are looking forward to strengthen the relations with the EU-ARM economic agreement.



Former president of Argentina will be tried in court for allegedly taking dozens of million in bribes.



WTI oil prices fell to $43, while BRENT oil hit $54, the lowest price in over a year. Countries which rely on oil have to calculate their annual budget based on a presumed oil price. Azerbaijan calculates at $60/barrel, while Russia calculated at $40 per barrel.



Georgian former president Mikheil Saakashvili made an interesting statement during his Facebook interview. He said (no other source has confirmed this) that during the Armenian revolution, HHK then-vice president Karen Karapetyan offered $270mln to Pashinyan in jail so he would quit. Pashinyan was so poor at the time, says Sahakashvili, he had a hard time finding fuel money for his car, but he didn't accept the bribe.

This was in response to a Georgian opposition member who said they need lots of money to change the current government of Georgia. Sahakashvili believes revolutions can be done with little money.

A meeting did take place between Karapetyan and Pashinyan, Mirzoyan, Sasun Mikaelyan who were arrested. The next day, Serj quit. No hard evidence that they were offered money.



What is happening between Belarus and Russia?

Belarus-Russia relations have been rocky for a while now. President Alexander Lukashenko is trying to preserve his grip over the country, while trying to keep the country as independent from Russia as possible.

In past, his administration took steps to strengthen the national identity of Belarusians by promoting Belarusian language and traditions over the Russian one. This has made Moscow uneasy, because they see the culture as one way to keep the two countries together. Besides that, a similar pot was boiling in Ukraine, and look what happened between them.

Russia is the biggest economic partner of Belarus, and has provided as much as $100bln in aid. In exchange for this, Russia has been strengthening its authority over Belarus in various ways.

Weeks ago, Russia announced they'll calculate oil tariffs with Belarus differently, which will lead to $12bln loss for Belarus for the next several years.

More recently, Russian PM Dmitriy Medvedev went to Belarus and offered them to essentially partially lose their sovereignty by ceasing ceding control of various institutions to Russia. They offered Belarus to join their courts, finance chamber (Parliament financial body) and border customs with Russia, and even use Ruble, which would avoid the higher oil prices. The headquarters of these joint institutions would be in Moscow, of course.

Some experts and Belarussian media did not take these pressures lightly, and they called this an attempt by Russia to blackmail president Lukashenko and Belarus as a whole. A media outlet in Belarus reports that president Lukashenko went as far as summoning the national security apparatus to discuss the country's future and its sovereignty battle with Russia.

https://www.intex-press.by/2018/12/14/eto-shantazh-ne-tolko-lukashenko-no-i-vsego-belorusskogo-naroda-eksperty-o-zayavlenii-medvedeva-v-breste/?utm_source=most-read&utm_medium=sidebar-link (and other sources)

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