Franz Werfel

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Birthplace Prague
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Ethnicities Austrian, Jewish
Werfel Statue in Schillerpark, Vienna, says "Musa Ler" on top in Armenian,

Austrian-Jew, author of The Forty Days of Musa Dagh, an international bestselling novel about the Armenian Genocide in 1933. Some think it was a metaphor for the situation of Jews at that time in Europe. Werfel died in 1945 in Los Angeles, and was buried there in Rosemont Cemetary until 1976. When Vartan Gregorian learned this, he organized and funded the tranfer of Werfel's remains to Vienna, where they are now in the Pantheon of Austrian writers, along with a monument to him by Anna Mahler. At the unveiling, Gregorian (a former altar boy) was present, and acted as a deacon while the Armenian Bishop of Vienna blessed Werfel's grave.

Facts about "Franz Werfel"
Birth dateSeptember 10, 1890 +
Birthplace coordinates50° 4' 32", 14° 26' 16"Latitude: 50.0755381
Longitude: 14.4378005
Birthplace namePrague +
EthnicitiesAustrian + and Jewish +
Person nameFranz Werfel +