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Armenia - where life began

Sunday , Sri Lanka Aug 7 2011

Education Armenia - where life began

What is common between the following famous people: Princess Diana (no need of introduction), Garry Kasparov (Former world chess champion), Kim Kardashian (Socialite, model, sex-symbol) Andre Agassi (former world no.1 tennis player), Ivan Aivazovsky (world famous painter), Charles Aznavour (Singer, Actor), Arthur Abraham (current IBF middle weight-world boxing champion), Hasmik Papian (world famous opera singer)

The question seems to be difficult. But the answer is simple. The common thing among the above celebrities is their roots. They are all Armenians. It is surprising that Armenian connection is so strong and work wonders. Perhaps Armenia is the only country whose diaspora population is more than the resident natives of the country. Armenia has a resident population of 3 million with a world-wide diaspora population of around 7 million.

The beautiful God-blessed country of Armenia is located on the crossroads of Asia and Europe. The region is called Eurasia. The country is as modern as Europe and as historic as Asian civilization. It has the best of both worlds. As a result the people of Armenia are modern as well as very traditional.

Armenian civilization is as old as this world. Armenia is the country from which life started. The biblical story says that God decided to flood the Earth after seeing how corrupt it was. He then told Noah to build an ark and fill it with two of every animal species. After the flood waters receded, the Bible says, the ark came to rest on a mountain. Many believe that Mount Ararat, the highest point in the region, is where the ark and her inhabitants ran aground. The culture of Armenia encompasses many elements that are based on the geography, literature, architecture, dance, and music of the people. The culture is similar to and yet distinct from many of the bordering countries like Russia, Georgia and Iran as well as Mediterranean nations such as Greece and Cyprus . Armenian culture has strong influences from both its Eastern neighbours, as well as an underlying influence from Europe to the West.

Of late Armenia has emerged as a melting pot for east and west where students from Asian countries like India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Iran, Lebanon and Syria are studying in large numbers because of their very competitive tuition fee structure. Students from USA, Russia, Georgia, France, Greece come because of their Armenian connection and peaceful environment for studies.

Haniya Education based in Dehiwala, Colombo has now made dreams of Sri Lankan students come true by forging ties with the state university of Armenia namely Yerevan State Medical University, famously known as YSMU. The university established in 1920 by the newly formed Soviet Union is located at the centre of the beautiful capital city Yerevan. At present there are more than 1300 foreign students studying in Armenia. The Indian students form a majority of this. Students from Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have also followed their Indian brethren. The convenient air connection from Dubai and Moscow, beautiful city coupled with high level of academics make Armenia one of the best destinations for medical, nursing and engineering studies. Apart from studies, students get an opportunity to participate in summer camps, opera events, dance festivals. The enterprising ones travel to mainland Europe and USA for earning extra bucks during summer vacations. During winter vacations, the students rush to beautiful snow clad peaks to try their hand at skiing. The vibrant night life and open culture helps students un-wind themselves after a hard day at university classrooms and practical training sessions at various hospitals of the universities.

After completion of their six year studies in Armenia the students are armed with their medical degree from one of the best universities for medical studies in the region. Since, the university is recognized by World Health Organisation (WHO), among many options are the choice of taking medical licensing exam of United States government and moving there.

Haniya Education is making all efforts to promote awareness about Armenia and Armenian universities in Sri Lanka. They take full responsibility for admission of Sri Lankan students starting from documentation, visa-processing and air-ticket to Armenia.

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